Exile Camp 24 - T4 thrall blocked spaw

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: SOuth America
Server #1977

There are two situations:
1st one is a bug or the 2nd one is that the T4 Thrall Orqina Steeltongue respaw is blocked by a player’s stair too closed built, from guild named “granade”.
Which doesn’t allow the T4 Npc respaws.

Provide the support asap on that easy thing once that makes me lose time.

Unfortunatly that isn’t a bug players block nodes/spawns all the time and only thing you can do is let them know they are blocking a spawn sometimes people don’t know building on nodes/thrall spawn points ect will stop that spawn and those that do just do it for spite. The only thing you can do is ask them to move/remove stairs and hope they will respect that. Otherwise nothing can be done about it unless funcom increases a no build area around said spawnpoints. Blocking resources/thralls is a common PVP tactic and is unfortunate that it happens on pve and pve-c servers as well. We went thru that on oblisk blocking on 2 different pve c servers and just had to wait them out so we could remedy the situation as a group effort from the server.

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I appreciate your will on trying to help me on this.
We had another situation that we got a player banned due to that. I still have hope on Funcom.
And I’ll be aware to catch him online (If he is who I think he is! haha) and ask gently to remove the ladder.
Otherwise I’ll have to keep awaiting for built delay or support overview on situation as a feedback at least and try to improve our experience!

Thank you so much Azzend. See ya around.

Fyi, there’s a bunch of thrall camps that act like camp 24. The only reason everyone knows that one is because it’s on the wiki, was the 1st one discovered to work like this and there’s a popular YouTube video about it.

I have personally gotten Orgina Steeltounge twice at 2 different camps on the south shore of the noob river…

Ones at the camp directly under the shattered bridge. There’s a T1 fighter or archer, a random second (occasionally T4), and a 3rd T1 fighter/archer walking away. They always fight an imp, then go fight a shaleback when you come across them.

The other is the camp on a small cliff, about halfway between the bridge and the Sentinels. You get the same combo of 3 thralls, but the 3rd is kneeling on the edge of the cliff overlooking the water, instead of walking away. They also sometimes are fighting a shaleback when you find them. I’ve gotten almost every named thrall from camp 24 at this spot since my 1st base in singleplayer is on the cliff behind it.

There are a lot more spots too according to those with access to the dev kit.

Hope that helps. Happy hunting

Absolutely right and since the end of last year i added all Exiles camps to the Wiki and found out that Camp 05, 07, 08, 10, 11, 14, 15, 18, 19, 23 and the allready known Camp 24 has such a T4 Thrall Spawn. Happy hunting.

Sir Bowen


Oh man, thank you so much for your feedback on that issue, and for sure it’ll help me out!

I’ll keep my hunting hopefully now.

Really, thank you so much for your attention.

Likewise Mr. Bowen, the community appreciate your efforts to keep wiki always refreshed and helpful.

Thank you so much guys.

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And from what i understand, there are more random spawn areas coming from the testlive patch. Haven’t done the the test live thing yet, but from patch notes it says somehitng about thralls out in the wild now.

You guys are doing a great job on the wiki and it’s greatly appreciated.

One request I have as a console player…
Going forward, can you put the grid marks (G3, C10, etc) for the locations of things in addition to the x/y coordinates? The x/y numbers do not exist on the maps of console players, so using the wiki to locate anything is practically impossible.

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The x/y numbers do not exist on the maps of pc players either. We also need external custom maps.

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