Exile Lands - 2XP, 4X Harvest, Long Days and Short Nights

Brand new 40 slots server just launched for PC.

  1. XP
    All XP is 2x
  2. Harvesting
    All harvesting yields 4x resources
  3. Kits
    Basic starter kit for free
    Basic house builder kit for free
    More to come!
  4. Quests
    Developing an admin owned city that will feature a variety of quests and quest chains. They will reward legendary gear and vary in difficulty.
    Admin owned city will feature shops to exchange purchase recipes and other items.
  5. Clans
    Clan size is limited to 10 members.
  6. Thralls
    Thrall limit is 95, with one additional allowed for each one clan member
  7. Climate
    Long days
    Short nights

Home teleport is enabled with Pippi.

Come survive the Exiled Lands.

Direct connect:


Started laying the foundation for the quest hub city. The goal is to have over 50 quests start within this city, with scaling difficulty and rewards.


First full questline is completed. Estimated completion time would be around 3-4 hours. Also added a vendor to sell tier 4 dancers out of the brothel. More coming as I update and to the city!