Exile Wars PVP/PVE [5xH/3XP]

Exile Wars PVP/PVE [5xH/3XP]

Direct connect:

  • 50 slot server
  • Active admin that doesn’t spawn anything or abuse powers (crazy, I know.)
  • PvP and raiding enabled
  • 3x XP
  • 5x harvest
  • Fuel burns slower

We are looking for more players to fill up the map! We have roughly 10-12 people who play regularly but would like more. We don’t have any large clans right now and there isn’t a whole lot of raiding going on right now. There will be no random server wipes, we don’t plan on wiping since the decay system is in place.

Hello Inama!

I’ve been enjoying the server a LOT over the past few days but it’s gone invalid after the recent patch, can you update the server to the most recent version of the game so we can keep up the fun? Thanks for your help!

The server is building a nice following, the smaller clans are stockpiling and growing up nicely, should be prime for some clan wars in the next few weeks!!!: )

Thanks again,
-Anchros (Shub-Naggrath in server)