Exiled Lands 3x xp 2 x gather (light-med-heavy rp)

pve server


looking for members

highly active admin

fun friendly

3 x xp
2x gather
2x resourse respawn
lower thirst and hunger
lower fuel consumption

choice of factions with custom buildings and resources

custom scripts

running age of calamitous mod

a BIG choice of factions to play join now and become faction leader

7 to choose from all with own unique buildings and items:-

Kingdoms of Stormhold


Kingdoms of Arkanvail

The Vanghoul Order

Cold Embrace

The Kingdom of Anour Hill

The Elven Covenant

(Back story and items list on request)

The Age of Calamitous

Here is a list of only some of the many additions to the game:

Additional Character Creation Options
New Stacks & Weight
UI / HUD modifications
Hundreds of New Decorations, Props, Items, Weapons, etc.
Many New Crafting Stations, Feats & Recipes
New Level Cap 100
Special content from The Age of Calamitous

And much more!

(will host events when server is more populated)

earn loyalty coins to purchase “epic” gear in a custom shop

(Loyalty Tokens/Coins are rewarded through the admin who will pass them out)

add me through steam for any info

(first 5 people to join (different group) will receive starting gear and a loyalty bounus (including a small backpack and coins to buy or exchange for goods and services)

look forward to seeing you all soon

You need to subscribe to the Age of Calamitous mod and then add it to your client side mod list.

Was interested in joining your server however it does not seem to be active when trying to direct connect, did you close it?