Exiled Lands: Purge Dagon Surge/Purge Thralls/mobs in A Legion of Demons Purge

Game mode: Single-player | Co-op
Type of issue: Other
Server type:PvP | PvE-Conflict | PvE
Region: Denver CO
Mods?: [No ]
Edition: [ Steam ]

Bug Description: Exiled Lands Purge combatants misplaced into wrong spawn tables?

A clear and concise description of what the bug is.

Purge: A Legion of Demons Difficulty 6 seems to spawn mobs from Purge: Dagon Slave-takers and or Cultist_of_Dagon_Surge thralls/mobs

Steps to Reproduce:

Step 1 Build a base in the region near The Unnamed City where Purge : A Legion of Demons will trigger
Step 2 Ensure the the Purge difficulty is set to 6 and wait for said Purge to spawn or console command trigger it to
Step 3 wait for the last wave of mobs spawn in.
Step 4 Note Lemurian Faction thralls like JOnnFarseek, Anziel the Carrier, cultist veterans, fighters/archers I-III and Deep one mobs spawn in
Step 5 Not sure if this is intended or these Dagon Lemurians are really looking to expand. I just know I’d be expecting named Lemurian thralls and Dagon deep one spawns to be more prevalent in the Dagon Slave Taker Purge

warning video audio quality may degrade watch from 16:29 forward to focus on last wave.
also Gilzam the Treasure Hunter seems to have a doppleganger southeast of the Unnamed city as shown in the video @Community

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purges are messed up, my last ‘shambling mass of undead’ sported bunch of darfari with skeleton voicepacks

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OK but I’m trying to update a wiki on “unimplemented” thralls and what I’m prospecting is that they are set to spawn in a dedicated pattern to show up in a purge where they aren’t expected to. I’ve had 10 legion of demon purges with Dagon cultists and Deep ones show during the last wave, I assume they are supposed to be in the Dagon Purge where I was trying to get them but never saw the rare thralls expected from that purge but see them regularly in the demons purge.

not saying mismatched voices isn’t a problem but functionally if your looking for certain thrall this makes it more convoluted than necessary to find them if they are set in the wrong spawn table. Like Imagine trying to get Beast Tamer Frida but she only spawn in a troop of grey apes and not where you expect her to.

Continuing from this thread…

So, I’m not on Zendesk so I can’t speak to the status of any of your tickets about the matter, but I’ve submitted a report for the rogue instance of Gilzam and we’ll have a look at it. I don’t suppose you have the exact coordinates you’ve found him? I marked this approximate location indicated in your video:

Does that seem accurate? You ran a little ways away from your altar in that location around 2 minutes in to find Gilzam standing around.

As for the purge issue you report, I’ve noted your findings and submitted a bug to be investigated. Thanks for the heads-up(s)!

slightly south of there along the road. let me log back in and get you the exact

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couldn’t read the numerical but he’s right where I’m standing on the map in this shot,
the creepy part is sometimes I’ll catch him walking from that point across the road and towards my base, this happens during the purge sometimes,
I figured his presence was disrupting the Harpagus spawn somehow

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Alright thanks for the zoomed pic. Harpagus is straight-up not spawning at all, so Gilzam’s appearance there shouldn’t be blocking anything I’m aware of.