Exiled Lands: Samite Satchel Pack bug

This report is from playing SP with no mods.

Sorry I am not using the new template but I find the template to be clunky and an unnecessary extra step.

I have been noticing that when opening a Satchel pack in the Exiled Lands I will often not get any items from the pack.

Here’s a pic of the latest occurrence with a Samite Satchel Pack:

Please note that the pic only shows “Samite Satchel -1” with no failed spell pages, no spell pages, no map, no Skelos armor page, and no satchels dropping after opening the pack.

I do not think this is tied only to the Samite Satchel pack but I do not currently have any pics of the other packs not giving anything upon opening them. If I get pics of other packs not dropping anything I will post them.

EDIT: The Samite Satchel pack was obtained in the Den.

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It’s not just the “Samite Satchel,” this bug occurs when you try to open more than one sorcerer bag in close succession. Opening a second bag immediately after you just opened one, causes the second bag to always be empty. The work around is to wait a couple of minutes (not sure exactly how long) between opening sorcerer bags. At least that’s what I noticed in my limited testing.


I usually open those packs as soon as I find them, and some of them are still empty.

I simply thought this was an intended feature, that there’s a chance to get nothing out of those boxes.

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It is possible (and intentional I expect) to get nothing from one of those boxes, based solely on your RNG. However, if you open them in close succession, you are nearly guaranteed to get nothing on every other box, and I expect that is unintentional.

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I think @DaVice is right. I just opened a cloth satchel and didn’t get anything. It was the first item I opened.

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