Exiled Revenants RP/PVP PC Server

Exiled Revenants has relaunched. New server lore, new NPCs and new mods. Hosted on a dedicated North American server with 70 available slots, performance is top notch and there are always people online to interact with. We run regular server events and encourage player run events as well. We have server specific lore and active admins who are readily available to assist with any issues or questions. Our base server lore is at the bottom of this post, and more information is available on our rules in our Discord channel.

Name of Server: Exiled Revenants Role Play (Relaunch Date 4/30/19)
Age Restrictions: 18+
Location of Server: NA Dedicated Server
Max capacity of server: 70
Discord (or other) Server: Discord Server Address: [https://discord.gg/37qNK2d]
No Password
Server IP:
No Password

Server Settings

XP rate: 3x
Gathering Rate: 2x
Day/Night Ratio: 0.5/0.4
Hunger/Thirst settings: 0.3
Drop Equipment on Death: No
God Avatars Enabled: No
Containers Ignore Ownership: No
The Purge Activated: Yes
Peak Play Times: 6:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. EST

Server Mods:


Server Lore: Exiled Revenants pulls from RE Howard as well as other established Conan lore, but there is some flexibility in areas where he was non-specific. There is server lore that will be introduced regularly and is available on server Discord. Pop culture references and non-RP names and concepts are prohibited. This server is RP/PVP. PVP must be accompanied by valid RP, KOS is strictly prohibited.

Additional Lore:

Exiled Revenants has launched! The factions are being chosen and the political games are about to begin. Come claim your land, build your kingdom, pick your allies and prepare to defend against your enemies.

Regular events will be starting soon. There will be server wide events, which include raiding parties that try to break into your base. If you can fight them off and survive, you will receive rewards. There will also be rewards for hunting specific creatures and bringing their head to Avalon. Soon we will begin regular scavenger hunts, with a treasure map split into four pieces and distributed across the map. Find the four map pieces, put the pieces together and locate the treasure to receive rare or unique items. Each profession will also be getting regular quests to complete based on the abilities of your class.

If you are struggling to get that gold for your first tile purchase, don’t forget our vendors will buy tamed pets and processed materials from you. We also have a rotating vendor for alcohol and resources, this week the alcohol being bought is desert wine and the resource is bark. Check the vendors every Tuesday for the new product being bought.

Don’t forget to check the message board in Avalon to pick up jobs or turn in items for rewards as well.

The scouts return with troubling information. Yizine had heard the rumors about bandits and raiding parties being seen in the Highlands and throughout the north, but they were just rumors until now. She taps lightly on Serath and Elysia’s door, not wanting to disturb them.

“Yes, who is it?” Serath’s voice comes from behind the door.

“Yizine. Do you have a moment?”

“Just, but just a moment. Come in.”

Yizine opens the door and sees Serath at a large desk with a map of the north spread out. He has several places on the map marked, a look of concern on his face.

“Have you heard the rumors Yizine?” he asks.

“Yes, bandits and raiders, they were reported a week ago, but at that time had taken no action. They have now assaulted Caer Danann near the Crevice, ran right inside of his keep and assaulted those present. The raiders were defeated, but they are getting more brazen and bold. It worries me.”

Serath looks at Yizine and shakes his head, “Not that rumor.”

Yizine walks over to the desk and looks at the map, “Are you talking about the settlement near the temple up north?” she asks.

He again shakes his head, “No. There are rumors of a man, twice the size of most, who appears to command a large number of frost giants. Our information is that he has the ability to throw magic, and the frost giants, and even some of the Nordheimers, follow him willingly. He has not announced himself yet, but it doesn’t look like he is interested in peace.”

Yizine takes several markers and sets them on different locations on the map.

“Do you think the raiders are his?”

Serath shrugs, looking at the markers, “these are where the raiders have been seen?”

Yizine nods, “Yes.”

“Elysia is speaking to one of our scouts now. We have to watch this very closely, and be prepared to take action. We can’t let a sorcerer who leads frost giants to grow unchecked. Make sure you let our outposts and scouts know that this is top priority.”

Yizine nods, “Of course. I will get the word out right away.”

Yizine takes her leave and quickly travels to her home. She updates her record and map, then sits down at her desk to compose the message that will be sent to their scouts.

(Something is brewing up north. Come see what’s happening on ERRP Exiled Revenants Role Play)

Avalon is rebuilding, Exiles are once again being sent into the lands, but not everyone here belongs. Who are the mysterious newcomers who bring with them the technology and skill to rebuild the ravaged Exiled Lands, and can they prevent another disaster from happening? Learn more about who they are and what they are doing here on Exiled Revenants Role Play server.

Learn more about Serath and Elysia’s background here:

Turanian slavers have been spotted in the Exiled Lands. Rumors of a slave auction have made their way to Avalon, but without a location or more information, there is little to be done. Yizine sends scouts out to gather more information and posts a resident warning on the board in Avalon. Between the Darfari, the reports of a half-giant in the northand now slavers, the dangers of traveling alone are now greater than ever. Come fight (or join) the slavers on Exiled Revenants RP-PVP server.

The festival to the goddess of luck is nearing its close. A few have been blessed by her and have walked away with a coin pouch heavier than when they arrived. Far more, however, have been found less than deserving in her eyes, and they walked away with much less than when they sat at the tables. Regardless of the wins or losses, all who attended the festival enjoyed the food, company and entertainment. The Turanian slaver who dared to interrupt the festival and whisked away one of the patrons soon found out what it means to violate the laws of Avalon. The slaver responsible may be free, for now, but there was a cost that had to be paid, and it was paid by slaver group as a whole. Come check out what is happening on Exiled Revenants RP-PvP.

Avalon will begin to hold semi-regular arena competitions, with the first competition scheduled for June 8th at 5:00 pm Central Time (US). The rules and information for the first competition are as follows:

All gear, buffs and weapons will be provided by Avalon. A level playing ground with skill being the only thing that will determine your worth. All contestants will arrive and surrender to show no gear or buffs are on their person, the gear will then be provided to each contestant, as will the same type of food and entertainer buff. The event is a triple elimination, meaning your first two losses will drop you down into a lower category, but won’t knock you out of the tournament. Your third loss excludes you from further participation in the event.

The weapons and gear will begin low, and increase as the event progresses, so expect fiber clothing and stone weapons in the first round, with better weapons and armor being provided as the rounds continue. As the event progresses, additional obstacles will be added to the battle with only the finest and most skilled warrior in the land standing at the end. The winner will receive prizes as well as a personalized statue of themselves placed at the entrance to immortalize their dominance. To all those who claim gear, exploits, or your Uncle Carl made you lose that last PvP encounter, this is your chance, put up or shut up, no more whining about unfair advantages by other players. To all those who worry about their RP not fitting an arena style encounter, you may fight with an alt for this event. The event participants will be assigned their fighting position beginning at 5:30 pm Central Time (US) and the actual fighting will begin as soon as all participants have been assigned a position in the competition.

Interested in seeing more, come check us out Exiled Revenants RP-PVP server.

Ello guys and gals. This is Shai AKA Sen Wi coming atcha with a sterling review of this server.

So upon joining this server you’ll notice there aren’t many people on it but those are are are truly amazing or kingdoms as it is relatively new to relaunching and not a lot of RP either.The General chat is relatively friendly and the pplz are nice and helpful for the most part but the one admin that actually gets online is prone to jumping to conclusions and perma banning people for not giving into her demands after the players have already dealt with the issue between eachother. I personally loved this server and was committed to seeing it grow and thrive but with the one admin that cannot seem to stop babysitting grown adults with a pension for overreacting I fear this server is doomed to fail as we all come on for fun not to be tormented by irrational demands after a problem was solved OOC because it stemmed from a bug.

As someone who played on and contributed to a lot of the RP on the server I will say I recommend the groups and people but not the admin and with the admin being the one responsible for handling things rationally this is a massive blunder of one. Find a different server if you seek to have fun. I am sure many of the players will in due time when the admin power trips again over nothing.

Also,one more tid bit. The admin believes banning people who RP doesn’t effect her clearly unaware that the server is an RP server and that banning RP players who contribute to quite a bit of the RP harms the server and since she is the admin of the server it clearly does effect her. Can’t make this kind of stuff up,that ego though!

Let me weigh in here with one response, then you can continue on your rant with all of the freedom and joy that it obviously brings you. To start off, let’s begin with the first thing that raised red flags about you as a poison player - you cannot stop talking crap about people you play with. Every event that was held, EVERY ONE that you participated in, you raged and got salty following a death, even though the death had 0 negative impacts on you or your gear, land, possessions, etc., the moment anyone defeats you in PvP you rage about how they are exploiting, how they are cheating, about what a PvP goddess you truly are (but have yet to show). Fine, we ignored that and simply veered the combat events away from you. Then your clan leader changed his character concept and the clan needed a new leader, so you took it up and decided it was a good idea for you and one other person to start to dismantle the base and split the thralls and gear between the two of you, without any regard for the other members of your clan. You eventually returned the things you took and began to rebuild the base, but not before you were called out on it. Then, on a regular basis, you boasted in global that you were the best PvPer around. I believe you stated you were the undefeated PvP champion on Sojourn, but you quit that server because “the admins were sh@t and didn’t know what they were doing.” The clan eventually got its footing again and one of the other players took over the leadership role, but you could NOT stop belittling her to anyone who would listen to you. You told the old clan leader she was doing NOTHING, and was a terrible leader, you told me that she wasn’t doing anything for the clan and all she could manage to do was get herself kidnapped (she participated in the server event with the slavers, and she involved herself in the roleplay, which is not “nothing” on a roleplay server). Finally, during the arena tournament, you went on and on about how, if it weren’t against your roleplay, you would participate in the event, but then “everyone would rage quit over your PvP skill.” When you were last defeated in PvP you went on and on in global about how you let the other player win because you wanted to go to bed, but then you remained in global for another 15 minutes to talk about how and why you let them win. The final straw for the server, which earned you a 24 hour ban, was when you killed another player’s thrall, ON THEIR OWN LAND, and took all of the thrall’s gear, which is a violation of the rules of the server. You initially claimed the thrall attacked you through the “half-wall.” Which is why you killed it and took it’s stuff. You were informed that you are not allowed to kill thralls that cannot pursue you if they are on another person’s property, but then you said that the thrall “glitched” and came over the wall. Fair enough, a seasoned player like yourself obviously would have known to take a screenshot of something - the thrall outside of the fence, the position of the thrall after you killed it, something to verify that it was a glitch and not you just blatantly violating the rules of the server. Nope, no screenshot. The player asked in global what happened to his named thrall, and only then did you admit it was you. Another rule on our roleplay server is that you must post in character roleplay chat in discord any time you kill a thrall or destroy something that belongs to another player. You did not do that. When the player reported the rules violation to the admins, and I spoke to you about it, you refused to accept any of what was said, you accused the player of “going over your head” by reporting you to the admins, and said the admins shouldn’t be involved since the players had resolved it. Well, the players had obviously not resolved it since it was reported to admins. When I placed the exact same thrall in the exact same place and under the exact same conditions, he NEVER came over the wall. Not one time. I told you that you needed to post something in the RP channel, then you said you would “think about it.” You don’t get to think about whether you follow the rules on the server. You could have posted anything, anything would have been acceptable, “As my body guard and I were traveling through the lands, a guard began to taunt and challenge us, and before I could stop it, my bodyguard dispatched the guard.” Anything to keep it in character, but you refused. I told you that you had an hour to post something in the IC channel or receive a 24 hour ban for refusing to follow the rules. You then messaged me to say you were taking the ban, and were going to try out another server. I told you that was fine, that the 24 hour ban did not erase the action, and that if you didn’t post in the channel, one of the admins would leave clues for the other player who could decide how they wanted to handle it. Your next threat to me was that you were going to message EVERYONE on the server you had rp’ed with and tell them where you were going and why you were leaving. Obviously you were not going to tell them the truth of what happened, as is shown here in this post you left. My response to you then and my response to you now is the same - you can threaten to take as many players with you as you wish. You did NOT roleplay with everyone, nor did you roleplay regularly, you holed up in the keep you built and interacted with a few people, but you were not instrumental in the roleplay on the server. The server is freshly relaunched, we are building up our player base, and the server doesn’t need players who refuse to follow rules, throw tantrums when they don’t get exactly what they want, talk about their own clan members behind their backs, and then try to destroy the server population. We do not need, nor do we want toxic players on the server. You had initially received only a 24 hour ban for the incident with the thrall and your refusal to role play it or post about it, but it has now turned into a ban. Good luck wherever you land.

One last item - unlike you, we took screenshots of everything - I have your DMs to me threatening to have people leave the server and it is posted in our announcements channel, which is https://discord.gg/37qNK2d on our discord for anyone who wishes to see it. You have also contacted most of our players to try to pull them off of the server. Do what you want, we won’t allow one player to bully and threaten their way out of following the same rules we have for everyone.

Ya see,I am just going to ignore most of what you typed there because I see the last little bit as you saying I threatened you when NOBODY else sees it as that. it is not my fault you have a complete disconnect from your playerbase and decided to power trip over something that was moot. Every one of the players I have spoken with says you are reaching to think I was threatening you in the DM’s so I am not sure what kind of issue you have going on in your life but attacking me with insults will not win you any fans either. Please try to get over whatever problem you have IRL and see that you have overreacted greatly and are now the sole cause of the reason why people are leaving not me.You are shooting yourself with your own toxicity. I want to be rude and spiteful but at the same time I don’t want to stoop to your level.

Also as far as going over my head,I haven’t contacted or care to chat at Vulcan about this as the situation doesn’t seem to be the problem as much as the stick in your ■■■■ is. Please remove it so that the server may grow and thrive. If you cannot then you are singlehandedly the death sentence before it really even took off. Thank you for your time and attention,please keep it civil or or you’ll show everyone exactly what I am talking about with you being unable to control your basic faculties as an admin of the server.

The participants gathered, sizing each other up as the spectators arrived for the tournament. Each contestant has five identical sets of gear, no food, no healing abilities and one dancer to provide the same encouragement. This tournament comes down to skill. Yizine gathers the contestants, goes over the rules once more, and then announces the first two contestants. Two by two the warriors fight, blood covers the arena floor, and the spectators watch, placing wagers on who will win which stage. After the first four rounds, a new challenge is introduced. As the contestants battle it out in the arena, Yizine releases a great ape into the arena. The contestants now must battle one another and avoid defeat at the hands of the ape. As the field narrows, the final two contestants emerge. A Turanian who has proven his prowess in the arena, Kazem Adib, and a slight, but agile female, whose skill has also been on display, Nagisa. The two circle one another, trying to lure the ape to attack their opponent, jumping, dodging, and slashing with the daggers provided for this round. The two fight well, but the fight is taking its toll on them both. Swings are coming slower, the dodges and rolls are less graceful and more frantic. They are both covered in shallow and deeper cuts. The blood dripping from their wounds only serves to rile the ape, and eventually, the Turanian warrior wins. Seconds after Nagisa drops, Kazem does as well, victorious only by few seconds. Yizine enters the arena and dispatches the ape before providing healing for the contestants. Everyone fought well and the skill and prowess on display was truly inspiring. The contestants are given a few minutes to rest and recover before the final event, a free for all battle between them all, begins. The contestants all square off against one another, with Sakura and Tar opting to work together to quickly dispatch the tournament winner, while Nagisa forges ahead alone. Even after the werewolf is released into the arena, the remaining contestants fight, refusing to give in, until only one is left standing. Nagisa emerged victorious in the free for all battle. Each participant receives a reward for competing, and Kazem Adib has his statue placed along the walk of champions leading up to the arena, marking him as the winner of the first Avalon Arena Tournament.

Avalon will hold an arena tournament each month, and a battle royale will be held in the upcoming weeks as well. A marked off area, no gear, no resurrections, you use what you can find, one Exile victorious. Interested in what is happening in Avalon? Check out Exiled Revenants Role Play Server.