Exiles pants on npcs and darfari loincloths on npc are black colored when they wear it

for few patches now this is going on… i dont know why …
any clues?..any hopes this will be fixed?

Hey @YYBlindWarlockYY

Thanks for reaching out to us. Could you help us identify this issue by letting us know if this is happening with mods installed, or in single player/official servers?

i tested it with and without mods and its happening… (g portal mp server)

Thanks for the additional information. Just before we sent this to the team, could you let us know if this is happening with a fresh savegame/database (for instance, when starting a new single player game without mods), or does this issue only happen on your server?

in all this period of time that i see this bug happening (few months now) i started several times a new game\restarted the server and wiped everything and this bug still happening last time i playid was few minutes ago…and still…black bottom gear on npcs stil happening with or without mods, sp game or not.

valedating game files dosent help and as far as i checked it happen not only on my server and g portal said its not because of them

I can confirm having placed some thralls from surge down on PVE-C officials EU ( pc ) and seen a grey dyed pants . didn’t think it was a bug or issue , but it is indeed not specific to singleplayer or dedicated server :wink:

I thought randomizing colors on NPC clothing was to add diversity in looks and remove the clone soldier effect since it happens all across the board. I’m always surprised people take an issue in this, because it should actually be quite normal and expected that people (Players and NPCs alike) dye cloths. Players predominantly blame mods, eventho it happens in the vanilla game, too.

but every npc i incounter so far wear black bottoms…no matter who they are…their bottoms always black…but as soon and you wear it its turn back to default…

randomizing colors on npc would be nice…i wanna see that…

all of them?..i see all of them in black bottoms…exapt the backpack thralls…they the only one who dont and their bottoms seems to be in normal color…

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