Exiles Transfer Exported PC - Can't Import

I don’t think so, a character export is bound to your account, in your case a steam id, no matter how many servers you try, you will still see the stuck character in your export, so unless you somehow can get rid of it, I think it will be stuck on your account until Funcom helps you get rid of it - This definitely must be an oversight from Funcom, there really should be a sort of emergency button, where you at least can delete a stuck character :slight_smile:

Also I tested the Zendesk and you are right it wants you to select an official server number, maybe your best bet would be to go to PC Bug Reports and make a post about what your problems, maybe there are other things you can try, but I just cannot think of any way to resolve it, hope it soon works out for you :slight_smile:

Ok, I will try your suggestion. Thanks again Frillen :slight_smile:

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