Exotic Creature Handling

I was tempted to buy one of the exotic mounts in the anniversary sale but noted they need Exotic Creature Handling.

Where can you get this in the game? The stables just seem to offer Basic, Advanced and Mammoth riding.

that’s available in Khitai for example.

You can buy Exotic Creature Handling in Khitai through the two mount factions: Tamarin Tigers, and Wolves of the steppes.

It costs 20 Gold, but you’ll also need Advanced Riding in addition (which costs 50 gold) to actually use the mounts.

If that doesn’t suit you, the item shop is always there.

Advanced riding costs 5 gold but for some reason F2P cannot buy it.

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I think its price has been reduced… It’s 5 gold now, if I remember… :thinking:

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Thank you, do you need a particular faction level? Or character level?

Level 80 and rank 4 in the faction i think.

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It feels really weird they let you buy the mount but then you can’t use it

Yeah I checked, looks like they lowered it.