Expectations for a PvE roleplay server?

As a CE player, knowing the situation with emotes, and chat, what are your expectations for a PvE RP server? How much in character speaking do you engage in? Over voice? Do you prefer random roleplay, or there being a hub for where characters seek one another out? Do you care if there is no server story, just the background of CE? Any specific expectations for PvE RP?

Personally I don’t think I could do RP PVE. Unless there’s heavy moderation from admins via clearly defined rules against power-gaming and god-modding, its gets into who can write the more OP character and generally who’s the most ‘popular’. PVP tends to eliminate that issue. Though PVP has to be regulated as well so that people aren’t just ganking one another.

In my experience, the latter is easier to adjudicate for moderators/admins. Did a No-RP kill happen? Its black and white. Whereas trying to decide if a powergame or godmod happened is a bit on the subjective side of things.

I get that people like to play characters that are stronger then they can pull off via game mechanics. But I thoroughly believe that has to take a back seat so that RP can be enjoyed without too much OOC adjudication. You can be a ‘powerful’ character in RP even in PVP despite not being great at game mechanics. But you have to espouse characteristics in a character based more on charisma, cunning, and the like rather than brute force or skill. There’s plenty of fighters to go around, not so many leaders and dealbrokers.

As for the other questions, I prefer text RP over voice. I use my headset to hear peeps on TS/Discord, I can’t hear ingame voice since I can’t send it to the headset without the game going over it too. And I have a hard time hearing ingame voice over the game on top of that (I blame the Army).

I like a mixture of both centralized hubs and random RP. I also like when individuals create their own unique hubs like Inns, Arenas, and Taverns. And for server story, I just prefer that it take place in REH’s universe at some point in the Hyborian Age.

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I expect clearly defined rules that are enforced via the admin team to prevent power emotes and “snowflake” characters as well as building limitations. I also prefer a “white- listing” or approval method for characters, so that it’s made sure the character fits the rules.

Personally, I never use voice for RP and always use text. I prefer to talk in character the entire time when in local chat, with OOC being limited to global or clan chat.

When it comes to random RP versus a RP hub, I like to have both. Random RP is a lot of fun, but it’s a big world and it can be difficult to find other players without a RP hub, especially for new players/characters.
I’d prefer servers that are based on Howard’s lore and setting over those that a more free (i.e. generic fantasy) approach.

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