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What were you thinking? I have players who have reached level 60 in a matter of hours. I have all XP progressions turned down by 1/2 of vanilla on my server. They are going to get bored so quickly. My server is lucky as I have my own mod that goes up to level 300. I did not change the XP table from level 1 to 60 just above 60.

What is with pine trees, ice, and black ice on a Tropical Island??? Really???

Maybe, i dunno, Sorcery. On an island of a mythical Sorcerer. How dare reality bend there!!!


Some of us are tired of leveling new chars, so this is a welcome change for me :smiley: The map has a different concept, once you accept that it is different, you may start enjoying it.


Yes because sorcery would be used to bring items into an environment where they should not be and there is no real purpose to them being there other than the need to craft specific items, which sorcery has no use for.

How is the a welcome change then? You have to level a new character? Your statement is not logical.

Enjoyment was not my point. My point was leveling is too quick even at 1/2 of what they designed it to be. People will get bored quickly once they reach max level. There isn’t enough content to keep them wanting to play after that point.

Mostly about pineapples

Gonna agree with this tbh. I’m running into the same issue. Too much xp for harvest and crafting atm, I used to have a 2x server and had to scale it down to 1x and it still was faster.

My man, this is a fictitious abridged human history from before the ice age. Stuff can be where stuff be. Black ice also isn’t normal ice, it’s moreso magical comets from the outer dark. Likewise, the cold areas like X’Chotl are cold because of magic, not weather. There is kinda a wizard who controls the weather via giant tentacle spaghetti in the sky after all

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I have been playing the game for years. I have leveled numerous chars, grinding levels is my least favorite part. From my perspective, it is a welcome change that I can be done quickly with the part that I don’t particularly enjoy and move to the parts of the game that I do.


I like it so far but for the love of god(?) resample the thundering sound, a 5-year old can make it better and it seem to ignore SFX and master volume settings.

Other than that, keep the heads rolling! :grinning:

Lol sometimes you really make me laugh Jimbo.

“Magical comets from the outer dark”

Yeah. That’s probably the best way to describe it

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