Experience bug in new dungeon

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: secret
Mods: no

Bug Description:

In the new dungeon, they give too much experience for killing NPCs. For example, a server with experience rates of 0.1. At character level 30, killing 1 mob in a new dungeon gives 2 levels. It’s too much.

Bug Reproduction:

Go to a new dungeon, for example lvl 10 character, kill the NPC in the main hall of the dungeon. See how much experience you got


Confirmed. Modded server here as well. Level up every Golum kill in Kuraks Lair.

How is this a problem?

The problem is that with 1 golem in the dungeon they give experience like a dozen bosses with 3 skulls, or even more. It shouldn’t be.
We have server x 0.1 experience rates, what should we do with these golems?

Use them to level up your thralls

You do not understand. We have a concept of an ultra complex server with rates for all x0.1.
This leveling on golems with a lot of experience for killing just does not fit into our server.
I give my server as an example.
I’m sure there are servers with different rates for which this is not suitable.

So Funcom should change the game to suit your private server?

I repeat once again that this is probably a mistake.
Since with 1 golem in the dungeon they give experience as with 20 bosses.
Are you sure this is how it’s supposed to work?
Your server as an example!

I can hit black ice and gain 2 levels. I don’t see your point.

You obviously didn’t read what I write.
We have everything, absolutely all server rates are 0.1.
You won’t get any experience for black ice on our server.

same problem. thrall lvl1 before this dungeon and … lvl 20 after. This nullifies the value of raising a slave

@ ZahMaiatt
what do you say about this?

You see no problem with gaining a full level of XP off of 1 mob, with multiple of those mobs spawning during the encounter? Keep exploiting…

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How are you even supposed to level up at all with 0.1 exp rate?

Long and hard to kill mobs)

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Yeah, sounds like a bug and in case not it’s bad game design. I think event activities like this should max yield the same the equal time spent on “non-activities” and also provide level approprite XP.

Solid constructive feedback there m8, I presume you know that’s not the point and based on your other comments I can only hope you’re trolling. Pending what’s stated is correct and if something like that would be the average XP curve, we might as well skip the levelling generally as it would more or less be an obsolete feature.

well let think, official pvp server, 2 weeks ago ,2 players raided me offline, 50 level 20 thralls (best t4 one) full gear best weapons killed by 2 players in 30 mn. do you play on pvp server official ? it will take me far more time to level up 50 thralls even with the new arena that allow to train thralls qucik (at least 20h) then the time it took to attacker to kill them (30mn) and i lost 50 epic gear and weapons. before this dungeon, it was weeks and weeks and week of grint to level up thrall that die in few mn when attacked vbecause they have been nerfed to death recently (and well even before the nert of thrall, it would have took may be 2 or 3h to kill them which is still nothing that match the time it will take to train them level 20 and gear them).

so the question for you is do you see a problem when 2 players can kills 50 thralls level 20 in 30 mn?

Experience values have always been all sorts of whack.
Giant boss with 20k HP? Here’s 7000 XP.
Medium boss with 7k HP? Here’s 6000 XP.

Kill a human enemy? here’s your 150XP.
Kill a crocodile? Here’s 1700XP!

Here’s and idea: next “Age of”, Funcom should really do an “experience pass” and fix all these inconsistencies.

My server isn’t quite this punishing but we’re playing the same game for sure.