Experience Deficit Dismantle system

Conan Exiles could have one of the least frustrating structure building systems if players could dismantle or deconstruct items without a resource loss. The trouble is that players could exploit this for free experience, and in some cases with big ticket items they already do such as we see with the vault.

What if that exploiting was prevented by having a deficit system?

When you dismantle an object, the experience gained for making it is added to a pool. Before you can earn experience from crafting in the future, this deficit must be paid down.


  • Being a pool that interacts with experience earning, but doesn’t take away from earned levels/experience, no potential for harm to stats, character level.

  • People building bases can rapidly prototype, scaffold, and operate as needed without a ton of needless waste.

  • Future large experience items and current such as the vault don’t end up being nerfed.

  • Amount refunded of materials can now be tied to total health remaining of object.


  • Nobody has to make an obscene amount of sandstone construction scaffolding anymore, what a shame!
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