Experience Grinding Post-Exploration Nerf

Basically what it says on the tin. What good methods of EXP grinding have you lads found since the exploration nerf? I’ve ground up some journeys, I know the tried and true vaultspam usually does the trick, but I’m looking for alternatives to building spam, something more like a traditional MMO grinding experience with mobslaying.

I’ve found that gorillas give decent EXP per kill but are more time consuming than I can appreciate. Anyone find any better options than that? Exile EXP is pretty lousy too.

The problem is that the game doesn’t really have that much to do once you build a couple of castles and hunting lodges.

I don’t care how much exp I get for killing something because I will soon get to the point that is doesn’t make any difference.

I’m level 56, four more levels and there’s no more advancement.

I’ve been pretty much everyplace, I was disappointed that the new area has almost nothing in it. I covered the whole area in one day, found the witches cave and at least 90% of the content there.

I haven’t explored the volcano yet I’m saving that for after I hit 60 and I haven’t done Star Metal but I don’t need it since I can take out packs of bad guys on my own anyway.

I have so many thralls that it looks like a protest march outside my house.

Nice blogpost but I dare you to be on topic

There’s very limited content for pve players. Pvp is what makes this have super high replay. It’s just the reality of these types of games. If it had half the building depth of Minecraft it’d be a different story.

That’s not to say it’s lacking content. You can play pve for a long time. I think people will just burn out much quicker on that verse PvP

For OP, you kill in the jungle/Nord area or craft. T3 foundations/walls are pretty decent and easy to farm. Other people have suggested vaults(break them then craft again with a t4 thrall). Journeys are also good but they won’t get you there a lone. I usually just use them to hit 30 so I can make t3.

Even with the nerf you can still gain a massive boost on levels, take the time, explore the entire map, then start working on journeys, if that doesn’t get you close to 60, then you’ll need to grind the hard dungeons, kill world bosses and build large tier items.

Since you’re out in the jungle go find the salamanders. Much easier to kill, still a decent XP gain. And they give volatile glands so you can craft demon fire orbs. Komodo’s are a good source of XP as well, about as tough as a Shaleback to kill but 3x the XP.

The problem is the majority of mobslaying requires you to fight tougher mobs for better XP gain.

Out in the jungle, the apes and gorillas are what’s going to give you the most XP per kill.

Get lvl 44, get a t3 or get a t4 carpenter, craft vaults dismantle them, craft more vaults, grats you’re 60.

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