Experiencing issues with game

Game mode: Singleplayer
Region: [Europe]

Playstation Pro.

1 When shooting arrows game freezes 2 to 10 seconds estimate every time.
2. Healing wraps do not work i am always in combat.
3. The combat system is a hit and miss and range needs a lot of attention so really a complete overhaul as pole arms seem the only viable weapon of choice.
4. Thrawls just disappear when been dragged.
5. Climbing is okay but when i reach the top the character is still climbing upwards into thin air and drops back down.
6. Palace of the witch queen is also a hit and miss to wether it spawns in at the end of the green light show and do not understand it’s purpose as there so easily avoided play stopped there.
7. Storage those vaults the size of them are you serious. Containers need the ability to be labelled and maybe some micro options for better management.
8. The crafting menu is difficult to understand and to many crafting icon in one box.
9. Up on death the body icon is also hit and miss on map.
10. Gathering is to low 1 item per bush or vein.

mod edit: removing unnecessary commentary, moving to feedback