🔥 Experiments in Lunacy Savage Wilds PvE

Greetings Exiles!

Experiments in Lunacy is the oldest Savage Wilds PvE server still active. We have a friendly and active group of players that come online at many various times of the day.

Server Details:
:dart:Hundreds of new custom armor, weapons and tools!
:alarm_clock:Long term server life.
:muscle:Boosted Harvest, Crafting and Taming.
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Friendly, Active, and Mature admin.
:earth_asia:Daily login rewards!
:crossed_swords:Custom built dungeons with wicked loot!
:partying_face:Regular events and competitions.
:rainbow:LGBTQIA+ Friendly.
:open_book:RP Welcome but not mandatory.
:love_letter:Admin willing to add mods or change server settings by vote.

Discord: https://discord.gg/DkVkw95


Custom Dungeons/World Spaces:
:spider:Heart of Darkness - A Mitra preistess has gone missing, and her friend has a bad feeling shes gone the wrong way. Small one boss difficult boss creature. Recommend 2-3 players, repeatable every 24hrs.
:skull_and_crossbones:Hairy Situation - A triber of Hyperboreans in the Last Refuge dug up something they now wish they hadn’t… a hard difficulty medium size dungeon with great XP and loot drops. Recommend 2-4 players, repeatable every 24hrs.
:ghost:Death’s Keep - An evil place, once home to a bloody warlord, now home to monsters you only see while you sleep. Ultra hard difficulty, Dark Soulds inspried, world space with very rewarding XP and loot. Recommend 3-5 players.

Mod List:
Savage Wilds
Kerozards Paragon Leveling - A Multigun Refresh
Hosav’s Custom UI
Immersive Armor
Shadows of Skeleos
Deco FTW Flora
Thrall War Dungeon Mod
Dudes Delightful Decorations
Beyond Theatrics
Just Another Deco Mod
RA: Character Customisation
Less Building Placement Restrictions
Unlock Plus (with Pickup)


Great Fun Map/Cool Admin/Lovely Group Of Players :partying_face:


Everything Updated and operational!
Going to be adding Beyond Theatrics back in later today as per community request :blush:

Super friendly server, savage wilds map is awesome come join the fun! :slight_smile:

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Very friendly group and the admin team is the best I’ve ever seen. This new map is a great way to enjoy Conan all over again. I recommend this server highly.

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Naw thanks for the love! But you guys make the community as cool as it is :blush:

Easter Event Started on Experiments in Lunacy! IP: Greetings Exiles! A new pirate lord has set up an outpost just off the shores of the Savage Wilds! Her goal is to enlist the cheap native labor force to retrieve lost eggs from nearby shipwrecks! She offers unique and special rewards! Be fast though, it won’t be long before she has all she needs. Portal to her outpost can be found at the HUB Event ends 5th April

Here are some preview shots of the current custom dungeons:

Heart of Darknsss is a small mini dungeon with one large boss fight and small quest.
Hairy Situation is a medium size but challenging dunegon, recommended 2-3 players.
Both dungeons award good XP and special loot. Can be started at /warp HUB

We currently have one more dungeon launching tomorrow, which is a Dark Souls themed area called Deaths Keep. Designed to really test a players ability to dodge, and avoid damage. There is also one other dungeon currently under construction :slight_smile:

New Dungeon completed and ready! Deaths Keep! Info found in OG post. Here are some previews: