🔥 Experiments in Lunacy Savage Wilds PvE

Experiments in Lunacy has recently launched its next round of PvE content, :partying_face:Daily Zones!:partying_face: Daily Zones are small areas dotted around the map with movie themed builds, that house a collection of daily quests for players to repeat, for decent XP, gold, and even some unique cosmetics or placeables!:moneybag: The daily zones won’t be accessible via portals like other public spaces, instead, the Daily Zones can be either found, or travelled to via Flight Masters, who have taken residence near each Daily Zone, and the HUB.

Oooooo Shiny! :partying_face: To celebrate the awesome free Conan Week, the Lunacy team is doing another giveaway! Everyone who logs in during the free Conan week, can redeem a one of Free Week Giveaway kit that contains some seriously rare and sexy goodies! See for yourselves! Don’t hesitate tho, as it wont last long!:partying_face:
Much love,
Ram and the Lunacy Team :heart:

Huge thanks to everyone who redeemed the Free Week Giveaway! It was redeemed 67 times, woah! :partying_face:

We also added a new mod to the server yesterday, Glass Construction! Glass Construction was one of three mods chosen by the admin team to add, but the community voted on which one to add!

:prince::tada: Upcoming Fashion Event!:tada: :princess:
Easily one of the most requested events in finally coming to Lunacy! The fabulous Boo and Ramtex are setting the stage for the most talented creatives to show off their design talents! Details of the Catwalk event:
-Event Start on the 19th of June, 9:30PM AEST
-This runway theme is; ‘International’
-Designers will be given the chance to show of up to 5 different outfits. We suggest setting up 5 fashionist armor stands near your /home point so you can quickly change between walks.
-Designers can either walk the catwalk themselves, or recruit players to walk in their designs.
-Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges with this events guest judge being the one and only Kitty from Kitty’s Palace Casino!
-There will be multiple categories to take home lots of exciting prizes! Prizes and categories will be announced soon :heart:
We cannot wait to see the creative juices flow! :star_struck:

The ping is unplayable for me, almost 400. Not for european players lol

Not true at all! One of our admin team is from the Netherlands, one is from Ireland, and one from Russia. Sorry to say my friend, but that’s just your connection. Our server is absolutely fine for most players!

It is true Ramtex. I played on the server and without a VPN the lag is visible, reason why i had to stop playing on the Lunacy server.

I must add though. Admin Team is very proffesional and ready to help at any time. Although the server is heavily modded, the downtime for the server to be update is always small.

Good luck for your server Ramtex. Big thumbs up from me!

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Thank you for the kind words! Sorry you couldn’t stick around :disappointed_relieved:
I guess we will never fully understand ping haha.
Works great for some, and tragic for others!
We did just get a new IP and hardware though today though, who knows, it might be better now?

Experiments in Lunacy has offically migrated to a MUCH better host! Loading times and PING have been significantly improved! We are stronger than ever!

Lunacy just launched its next Daily Zone! The Dark Forest. New quests, rewards and puzzles to solve! Accessible via Griffo Express at the HUB.

:rainbow:Happy Pride Month Everyone!:rainbow:
To mark the glorious conclusion to the most colorful month of the year, the Lunacy team is giving away a special unique rainbow theme kit! Available in /kits
The image for the flaggi can be found in the conan-screenshots channel on Discord.
Be fast though, the kit will vanish when June leaves us!
Much love,
-Ramtex and the Lunacy Team <3 :partying_face:

been playing for about 3 weeks now on the lunacy server and i am enjoying the very friendly and accommodating community that they have here, i am happy to say this is one of the best modded conan servers i have played on and will continue to show my support for the wonderful admin/owners of this server :slight_smile: … -Jerkasaurus <3 <3

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An amazing server thats filled with both lovely admins and community. Everyone is so nice and helpful, the mods that are used are a great selection as well! Overall ill continue playing on this server for a long time :slight_smile:


We are still active! Our host is changing and upgrading hardware which is taking longer than expected. We will be back up soon better than ever :slight_smile:

We are back up! Thanks everyone so much for your patience !

We recently added a new mod, Ingame Canlendar! This neat new modded tool allows us to keep a close track of upcoming events and giveaways!

Special Giveaway Event!
For the next three days, all players can redeem their very own Chibi pet via kits! There are 12 different colour variations, plus the crate has a chance to give special accessories for your Chibi!
Enjoy! :heart: :tada:

Our newest dungeon is set to launch in 2 days! Split into three stages, with each stage being released over a few months, resulting in one large and challenging space!

Experiments in Lunacy is still going strong! Yesterday we announced the start of a Shapeshifting Giveaway pack, avalible to all players for one week, and the launch of the second stage in our newest Dungeon, Sanguine Manse!

We are very excited to announce two new mods are being added to our mod list! They are only small, but add a few good layers of immersion to the game.
Bloodbath: Steam Workshop::Bloodbath
PvE Plus Ambush: Steam Workshop::PvE Plus Ambush - v1.5.2