Exploit or just good game play

a large guild on my sever built base on edge of the storm so monsters spawn close enough that all pets like 50 attack when monsters spawn 1 at a time so 50 against 1

Good base location. Nothing illegal or wrong about kiting the mobs out of the storm to fight them


I’m curious, why would that be an exploit?

someone on here was saying standing on a rock and using a bow was an exploit because the monster has no chance to get you.
seems the same here monster spawns 50 pets attack blocks monster it has no chance

Those situations are nothing alike.

FYI, it’s not the standing on a rock with a bow part that is the exploit. It’s the fact that the AI doesn’t know what to do about it so it just stands still and let’s you kill it. In the maelstrom it creates harmful conditions for the server and could get you banned.


so if everyone on a sever had their 50 pets attacking that would be okay and not be harmful to server.
I don’t do either it just seemed cheesy to me your 50 pets kill 1 that spawns on the edge of storm over and over

Ask 10 people on the forums and you’ll get 12 opinions. The opinion that matters is Funcom’s, and that’s that cheesing is not bannable per se, but knowingly bringing the server down is. If your 50 pets allow you to kill Elder Things and harvest them, without bringing the server down, then everything’s nifty.


Pretty much what @CodeMage said. Cheesing the AI is an exploit, but a tolerated one. Doing it in the maelstrom leads to server problems, and doing it in the maelstrom knowing it causes problems is something that Funcom has drawn a line on.

An army of pets though, isn’t an exploit and unless you go way overboard probably won’t be an issue. But that’s more of a thrall limit discussion.

oooh come on… honestly anyone who has read this and understands the Maelstorm exploit immediately went “haha…sneaky …i see what they did there”… they turned a mechanic from some dude sitting on a AI free mesh spot with poison arrows to now being an army of mobs killing.

Exact same attitude to the Maelstorm farming with the exception of removing the player out and killing the mobs with scale/multi threading.

I mean, hats off to the original thinker behind that design. Well played. Still the server will lock people out with the ping climb.

Thats the issue as well, when they do this its not just spiking the ping / thread counts for the players ON the server…but it actively also blocks others from joining. Approx 300ms ping immediately spike over the 200ping allowed to connect threshold.

If it’s actually causing problems for the server, then that’s a different story. I haven’t seen evidence to that yet, however. Until then, an army of pets is just an army of pets. No more, no less.

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Might need some evidence for that.

According to what the players are witnessing, the biggest problem is leaving the bodies on the ground. If you have an army of pets, that leaves you free to harvest the bodies and avoid causing server performance problems.

On the other hand, Funcom says that there is a way to get around the server-wide spawn limits and that this is part of what’s causing problems.

So far, what we know is that if you stand on an AI-free mesh spot and gas the Elder Things, you’ll cripple the server. If we get any evidence of the same thing happening with an army of mobs, then we’ll be able to reason about it in the same way.

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I’m wondering a bit at this point if we’ve started heading into hysteria/panic territory. Where every hiccup in an official server is now being blamed on this idea that people are in the maelstrom using exploits to farm unstable. Sort of like how you see people in the forums (more reddit than here I suppose) complaining about the “chinese” and the “russians” and blaming this shadowy armor of hackers for various problems that are probably something else.

I’m on my private server trying to trigger this exploit because I’m curious about it and so far I haven’t been able to do it.

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This may be the only option for a small clan(say under 10 people)…

With the current maelstrom settings on official servers, it seems very much like this is how Funcom intends players to play. Your legitimate options for farming unstable are to build a base on the edge of the storm and harvest whatever you can kite out of the storm, run around the storm and kill what you can or build a sacrificial structure inside the storm and farm the siege beasts that spawn to attack it.

From my understanding, unless it changed, the server won’t activate all 50 pets. Only a few will actually respond. Have not tested it. but i know that is one issue with offline raiding, is that i can have 20 Named Archers, level 20 from the Volcano, and only a few will actually aggro if being raided. the others go on strike.


That’s crazy

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