Exploit using on official server #1094 PvP

Hey there, Funcom !

So, here the problem. We have trash, using exploits to jump over the walls, checking bases and loot everything around. They are typing that in chat and they dont care about this, naming this ‘‘part of the game’’.

We are want to ban this trash and fix this exploit as fast as it possible, cuz its not normal.
Its server #1094 PvP, clan Cling Cling, time and date of looting and jumping over the walls : 2019.12.09-01.30.48


Here some screenshots from game with chat about exploit, standing inside my base after raid and log :

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Разработчикам всё равно на людей использующих эксплоиты. Мы страдаем от таких уже больше месяца


I cant believe they didnt fix this with the latest update

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