Exploitable bug in crafting

So I’ve found in the furnace (and probably other similar options) that if you pause making 1 items just before it ends, you can add entire stacks to the furnace and click unpause and it auto-completes them all.

This is also happening in live with no mods and I can get it to do it on Testlive (where I’ve got a mod active).

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Hi @arthurh3535 and thank you for reporting this issue to us.

We’ve passed all this information over to the rest of the team for further investigation.

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On ps4 I’ve often come across instant craft in nearly all the benches without pausing and such. Sometimes it just happens as soon as you press start.


I sort of suspect that it’s forgotten how long it was supposed to be ‘on’ for crafting, etc. and then accepts all the new items and calculate based on being logged off or something.

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you notice fuel consumption proportional to the produced

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Yes good pick up, I didn’t mention this but fuel is also consumed in the process.

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I had this happen a few times, but, I have not been able to reproduce it everytime: I noticed that I got a full inventory of gruel instantly on the camp fire and it started to decay at a high rate (no issues with other benches or furnace).

Also, sometimes the fuel burns out instantly on campire, drier, and lesser wheel if they are turned on with nothing to craft.

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