Exploiters and glich cheaters on official server, what to do?


As far as i know there is no fix against these kind cheating at the moment, wich its ultery BS , ceiling glich when they logout and back hanged, and dumbest exploit is to build sky rocket of one or two foundations making a “tower” aside your high base just to do an insane game breaking jump to blow your roof, it just shows how broken some game mechanics are, cheaters overrun servers by unfair use of glichs/exploits so what to do about it?, if funcom doenst gave any answer, are official server doom to cheaters already?

This video its old but shows an old fashion way to exploit (newest one (made by other youtuber) seems erased, didnt get to find it), now this has evolved, combine with hatch jump push and double jump perk so any exploiter can do this dumb trick, wich make any base build pointless, as any can see all game mechanics on defense goes to the trash can :expressionless::face_vomiting:

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