Explorer/Cartographer Thralls/NPCs & Pet/Thrall commands, Razma and another action bar


Firstly, let me start by saying I love this game. It’s highly addictive in the best possible way.

However, I was thinking that it would be nice to have Explorer/Cartographer NPCs that you can either capture or kill and they drop a piece of the map, detailing the things to be found in an area. It can be as little as one square of the map discovered. Perhaps showing mining nodes, or notes or the markers that show up once you’ve seen them (like camps, or even recipes or something) . It could even be of another area on the map (Like getting a discovered square far up in the north, even if the NPC you killed was south along the river).
I understand exploration is part of the fun, but I feel as though we pass by many “secret” or hidden things that we may never see in game. Most of the things I discovered were “by accident” or by google-ing where to find a recipe or an armor pattern.

Secondly, I love the pets, but they are insane killing machines that don’t know when to stop or retreat. They either run into a camp and go berserk or you can’t pull them away from a very obviously losing fight.
A simple “Passive” command would suffice to make the pet not attack anything or stop attacking, and re-attack as it does now, when you do.
Same would apply to Thralls.

As for the action bar, I don’t know what more to add, than asking if another one can be added.

Finally, Razma is a central character (as central as Conan himself, I feel) to this game, yet I for one discovered a few of her notes randomly and then suddenly, she was in a house in Sepermeru, talking about the Witch Queen.
May I suggest that if you find her first note it leads to the second, and we kind of follow her on her adventure as she leads us to the places we need to find the elements to break the bracelet? As if she’s doing the quest herself and we’re behind her doing the same things until we finally meet up and she tells us where she failed and where we can continue? Or maybe something along those lines. She’s a great character and would just like to see more of her. Or have her contribute to the world more.

Thank you for a great game!

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