Exploring Poitain

In total, there are three of these castles in Poitain, distributed around the playfield, but all of them behind the invisible barrier. - So it’s a good reason to do some exploring.

This is the first one I have visited:

Later, on my way to the second castle, my way continues along this river, which has buried itself as a canyon in the landscape:

Next is a difficult climb through a narrow and steep cleft:

Approaching the second castle:

The third castle is situated at the top of a mountain:

To reach it, one has to make a huge detour, a large part of the playfield to circle, past precipices and rugged cliffs:

After having jumped into the depth and revived I have to ride a long distance:

Then follow the river:

…until I can begin my ascent:

The last part of the ascent is in front of me. - My horse has since given up, so I go on foot:

Finally up! - Standing at the highest point of Poitain:

The fantastic view of Caenna in the sunset:

Some more pictures from my expedition:

A guild city from above:

Sunrise over Poitain:

In the light of the moon:

This landmark can be found even without explorer skills. It’s on a rock in the center of Poitain:

And here is the reply to the question: Where did Samsonyte break the invisible barrier?
There are several possible spots which I tried, most of them ranking from difficult to nearly impossible. For me 634/257 has worked, but it’s situated on the grounds of the Southern Guild City and therefore not always accessible. And it’s not always so easy as this video suggests:


My expedition map:



I am just amazed at the work you do. That is amazing! I have only been to three places like this in AoC, and both because someone else showed me…

Thank you so much for these tours!


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