Exploring Thunder River

Now that The Plague rages for almost a year over Hyboria, Samsonyte still has enough time to sit in his scriptorium and remember the expeditions of the past. This one is about Thunder River. There, far in the north-west of the map, coming from a little lake, the river flows through palisades:

You can approach the palisades and will see behind them a little house with a landing stage and even a boat:

As much as you try, you cannot get over the palisades to get there. - But that’s what exploring is about: To reach places that seem to be unreachable at the first glance.

The expedition begins here, at 1456/871, where a rock leans against a slope and lets you easily reach the terrain’s upper level:

Already at the upper level and outside of the invisible barrier:

To find your further way you have to avoid miles deep abysses:

Then cross a narrow ridge:

Then the hardest part begins. You must find a safe way down to the river. Having taken a resurrection potion would be a good idea:

Almost at the river’s level, then follow the waterfall:

Looking back after have coming down the waterfall:

Reaching the Great Eastern Plain, one has to ride to the northern edge of the map:

Here is the beginning of a dimension tunnel, which can easily entered by penetrating the wall:

The dimension tunnel puts you at the bank of the river:

From there you must find your way through the wildernes, several times crossing tributaries of Thunder River:

Finally, The Lake House comes into view:

Now it’s time for a short break:

The place is perfect for a beach party:

This is my expedition map:

Finally a few words about the title of this post. It refers to this movie: The Lake House (film) - Wikipedia
It’s one of the favourite movies of my wife and I dedicate this title to her for her patience in letting me go about my explorations until late in the evenings. :kissing_closed_eyes: :heart: