Exploring Wild Lands of Zelata: THE MAZE

For a long time I thought that one could only be on foot in there, but mounts are also allowed ! - So best conditions to find a “smuggler’s way”.

This was found quite quickly and soon stood Samsonyte high above the paths of the labyrinth and could thus enter into a whole new landscape:

From up here you have an excellent overview of the entire system:

The walls of the labyrinth are made of a concrete mass and were probably built by the spiders for centuries. On them one can move very well:

Even up here, the designers have worked perfectly: no unfinished textures, but a completely modeled landscape and vegetation, which can only be guessed from below:

Varied landscapes far above the labyrinth, normally hidden:

Far down the mobs can be seen:

The bridges are partially walkable, but not completely to cross because of an invisible barrier:

Again a look at the mobs, this time at the Nemedian camp:

Exploring continues; in the distance huge rocky peaks:

The same rocks up close:

The spider web seen from above:

Samsonyte is resting, the monster spider far below:

The last rays of the evening sun over the labyrinth:

And finally the answer to the question: How can I get up there?:thinking:

Well, since Explorersecrets should be secret, I packed the whole thing into a puzzle this time. You have to change this link a bit to get to the picture:


xxxxxx are placeholders and must be replaced by the name of the missed companion of Phaedra, the NPC in front of the entrance to the maze. - You can speak to her or look into your quest diary to learn the name. Then replace xxxxxx with the name and you will get the link. :grinning:



Are you sure the coordinates in the picture are correct? Just wondering as they are far away from the Maze.

Edit: nvm. You have to be in the maze :smile: