Exploring Wild Lands of Zelata

While many players have climbed the Tortage vulcano, the one at the Wild Lands of Zelata was still unconquered:

It’s not only very steep, but unnecessarily sealed off by an invisible barrier, which makes it almost invincible.

BUT: There is ONE feasible path, and it starts here, at one of the Nemedian camps:

You pass the Acheronian fortress

then descend in the direction of the labyrinth, which you also get to know from the back:

Past the labyrinth then towards the volcano:

Here comes the difficult part: To climb the mountain, you first have to move mainly horizontally to avoid slipping:

Only when you have reached this lava flow can you turn towards the summit relatively safely

and you reach a point near the crater rim:

Even unskilled toons can come up to this point:

From here the view goes far into the Wild Lands:

Samsonyte continues straight to the crater rim:

Fortunately, the lava isn’t as hot as it should be.

Even so, you shouldn’t fall into the crater. - There would be no escape …

The X marks the place where Samsonyte stood:

This is my expedition map:

Stay healthy / bleibt gesund :slightly_smiling_face:



Always enjoy these. Very nice and keep exploring!