Explosive and gas traps usefulness


Everybody knows that these traps are pretty garbage, considering they’re easy to see, don’t kill if you just sprint over them, can’t be placed on land claimed area, and don’t notify you when they’re set off. But they need to be made useful, or else there’s no point in wasting bombs making these.

Changes I’d like to see with them:

  1. Increase the damage/AOE of explosive traps so they are an instakill on anyone who sets it off or is near it when it goes off, except for people with MAX vitality, they can still sprint over and be heavily damaged but alive. Right now they are worthless if you just sprint over a single trap, they only work in chains.

  2. Increase the AOE and duration of vapor traps, and make it so gas masks cannot defend against it. If you stand in it, YOU WILL DIE. This is what the vapor trap should be- absolute area denial.

  3. Notify us if a trap we’ve placed has been set off. Placing traps is pointless if we have no idea when they’re set off because the other player can just run back and get their stuff. However, if you have multiple traps down in different areas, you won’t know which one was set off giving the one who died a chance at getting their stuff back if you have to run around and check multiple trap areas.

  4. Allow us to place traps on areas land claimed by another player, but make the decay timer very short to combat trolling. Traps should be able to be used as a raid tool preventing trash players from running away with their entire base on their back with encumbrance build. The traps should have a permanent duration while at least one member from your clan is on the land claimed area, but the moment your clan leaves the area the decay timer on the traps should be reduced to 5 minutes. If your clan comes back, it freezes the timer again. The decay timer prevents people from trolling/griefing with this mechanic and just trapping around bases for no reason. These are raid tools, not troll tools.

  5. Increase the hitbox VERY SLIGHTLY of these traps. Just a tiny bit so they serve their purpose of area denial more effectively

Thanks for reading!


Agree with some of it, don’t agree with making gas mask not protect against the gas trap… (Though if you can’t you should still be able to ignite the gas for explosive damage… )

A change I’d make to all gas AOEs in general is make them ignite when they touch a source of fire…(Wall mounted torches, standing torches, handheld torches, you get the idea…)

As for “absolute area denial” I think a new trap using bees would make more sense… (A gas mask isn’t going to protect you from a swarm of stinging insects crawling under your clothes and stinging the crap out of you.) Naturally unlike gas traps the bee swarm won’t explode when exposed to fire and doesn’t burn all that well on its own…


Ooo it would be dope if torches ignited it too loool. I just say it should go through gas masks because it costs a decent amount of mats to make and many pvpers j wear gas masks anyways to counter gas arrows. Not really a point to gas traps rn

Perhaps then buff the ignition damage done to cloths armor from ignited gas? (To the point where you can burn a persons cloths off with gas arrows near a torch?)

That would be nice but I’m trying to look at making placed gas traps worthwhile. Right now they’re the same thing as gas arrows but harder to make and harder to set off

Maybe they can be slotted into storage chests to booby trap them? (So that they go off when the chest is opened/broken?)


The description sort of implies that vapor traps should go through gas masks.

Personally id like to see that become a reality

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You can still just walk out of the gas lol. If you’re trapped then it’s because you were careless.

Think about it the other way: what’s the point of gas traps when they’re meant to defend an area but everybody carries a gas mask around with them anyways? There are gases irl which are potent enough to bypass the filter on gas masks. It kinda makes sense that a trap based on gas would be designed with gas masks in mind, while gas arrows and orbs are improvised tools for versatile use.

I’d like to see this with traps, although we’d have to make sure boobytrapped chests cannot store items or else every single chest will have gas on it

Yes to this but one addition accidentally stepping on them by the creator or clan member doesn’t trigger the trap or mine etc. I always accidentally step on my own crafty work and love every moment of it but not on conan lol! I want to never have that happen even once. Also gas masks should prevent gas damage I doubt everyone will always walk around with them on honestly I hardly use mine unless I am in the small area that the sand storm hits. I believe stand storms should hit all desert areas but that’s a different subject.

Thrills can wear the masks to my knowledge I don’t know if they work as intended however. Random NPC and enemy animals however would die to these I am sure.


That said in addition to being able to combine them with chests/storage containers to make traped containers perhaps we could also make booby trapped doors…

I also think that introducing break away floor/cieling sections or trap doors would also add some use to these… (As players could unexpectedly drop down and land in the mine field…)

Another possible change: Let us sink them into the mesh just deep enough to actually hide them from view(with the trigger still being “taller” rather than wider so that we could effectively bury the mines from view…)

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I bury them in grassy areas based off well my friend doing it for me Haha. But the trapped chest and leave it open with nice supplies to snag a person would be great! But that increases my risk I steal from people and give to the near by clan and steal from others and give to solo players, causing them to fight amongst themselves thinking it was the other ahahahaha.

I’m not gonna make gas traps to combat thralls and animals because player can just walk away and it will follow + it has too much health for the trap. Only time gas is used on thralls and pets is when you’re raiding and they have a million guarding. Then you gas that crap with arrows and gas orbs. There’s still no point whatsoever to making gas traps if you can just counter with a gas mask

That’s why I have like 40 archers and 40 t4 fighters alongside a ton of greater animals. I’m not gonna make gas traps to combat the purge lol

If they bring pets and not thralls as thralls are better for guarding bases as Greater pets have high health and damage they will still tear a hole in to them at least that and thralls require armoring so I assume unless the attackers are over the top pvp then bad luck but they are worth there weight in purge as it’s only NPC and animals are mostly what I use them against I saw my friend solo a world boss with them not sure though if it did actually any damage I just know he placed them before hand and fought and kited them around so. Testing and experimentation is fun!

You seem like a person prone to bad luck honesty however may I suggest getting gas masks for your human thralls you seem like the type who would hate me for offline culling, I raid fairly but I sure will take precautionary measures and gas all of my enemies thralls or animals beforehand to increase my chances of success when there not on black hand pirates give lots of free gas orbs lol! Mischief is fun✌

Not sure what your point is anymore. My point is that there is never any situation in which a gas trap is useful and should be used instead of arrows/orbs.

I’ve said that gas traps are useless against players, but that doesn’t mean I think orbs/arrows are useless as well. I’m saying that orbs/arrows are much easier to use and there’s no real reason to take a gas trap over arrows/orbs.

Okay not great at speaking let me try again I apologize. Traps are still effective against pets to which greater pets can reach over 8k HP. T4 named thralls cannot the only, thrall I have seen have that is the weakest Thralls T4 named bearers at 9900 health these are easily the weakest and only good pack mules as I noticed they nerfed Gazelles and no longer carry 30 slots for me. So with that being said. Obviously location matters if you plant them in the ground. Now I believe it is simply just reducing the detonation time, increasing the damage to scale based of the total HP of the enemies maximum health if not point blank on the mine it should not be instant death. I know In reality it is but for the sake of balance it will need to limit mines and gas traps to 5 a piece. If these balances aren’t there maybe 10 max each but 5 of each per player seems fair considerably based off clans etc

Which it should scale based off HP current, HP maximum and Distance from them, increased trigger radius l etc… then obviously it works against playing, human Thralls, however yes gas mines should not be distinguishable from the explosive ones making wearing a mask a optional choice which lowers defenses of Humans/Thralls and Runs the risk of losing T4 from explosive devices and pets from gas mines as these are horribly dangerous for me I had a archer following me with a lot of Poison arrows these aren’t poison tipped they are gaseous arrows that needed to be said in all honesty. So regardless of if this ever tweaked it DOES take out the biggest threat gas mines only pets with 8k or more now mines yes do need to be looked at.

Also obviously gas orbs, oil orbs plus fire orbs are easier along with Arrows but the point is that mines there to protect your stuff when not there. Is it effective?, that is opinion based and Is a good reason to bring all this up. But this should be limited like thralls as not to cover a wide area and allow placement of these in claimed land but at an reduced amount of damage everything else stays the same along with the duration of gas mines. Again grassy areas are the best spot to place these but they should be completely invisible in deserts and snowy spots alike. Grassy areas no as its grass lol.

Hopefully I typed this out In a way you can understand, I hardly ever spoke when growing up as I did not like people. So I apologize for my inability to do something everyone should be able to do.

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Yea you’re good. I guess it would be good if it just did % health instead of flat damage. Right now even if an animal triggers it, it takes forever to kill. If the enemy sets off the trap then it means they are moving and gas just doesn’t work too well on moving enemies. That’s why gas is used for CC in pvp against other players or used for killing guarding thralls/pets. But the fact remains that a stationary gas bomb is not good unless it serves as area denial, which means making it either go through gas masks or making it do significantly more damage