Explosives and Barbarians

Raiding with explosives, especially if your foes are offline lol, is the most common way to pvp in conan exiles/siptah. But in reality barbarian tribes and war bands did not unlock the explosive feat, did they? Also in any of the Conan media, explosives are never weaponized, since this would be a time of barabarism and simple technologies.

Trebs are class. Gods are fantastic.Both take time to prepare. But bombs? Lol explosives are the actual cancer of this game, and they don’t even belong in the universe, at least in the capacity they are found in the game.

That’s my rant. Explosives are weak and so are you if you rely on them for “pvp”

Everyone with an encumbrance-build seems to like bombs.

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Yeah like, is naked-bombing how you envisioned pvp in this game, Funcom? lol

And is that demon helmet supposed to be light? Fix your game

I’d love to see bombs removed. Trebs take time and Gods you can’t store without people having an idea of your intentions. Problem is though, the build system requires bombs to deal with. With how easy it is to spam, doing anything other than blowing a small surgical hole in the right spot is extremely resource and time demanding.

Trebs or building hp would need to be rebalanced.

Personally I’d like to see something as localized as a bomb that functions like a treb. Something that takes time, resources and protection - that makes small concentrated entry points. A “battering ram” if you will.


I’d love a battering ram, maybe even something you need to slot thralls into to make work properly. I love the siege efforts in this game, but the pot-bombs are just too easy as the system currently is. Mad bombers hiding out in caves lol`. Even worse when it’s an alpha clan with thousands of bombs to waste on new clans. Secret of Steel? Nah bro this is the Secret of Dragon Powder lol. I guess it’s all the same to Crom


If… Just if the explosives were THE problem of pvp only, believe I would definitely play it, even if I hate pvp. Bombs, explosive orbs and arrows are the rebel way to attack to someone strong, to break the moral and move a bit the chairs of the alfa clans. This is the only chance new clans have to hit or to answer. Removing them you just remove the only possible option for new comers to play some pvp. It is very correct for the game to provide multiple mechanics so no base will be secure, no one and this is damn fair. How people use the mechanics is another thing, and if you have problem with it, the naked bombers for example you have to think a strategy and use game mechanics not to allow them come close to your gates.
But remember one day, no matter how good you are you will loose, this is the most basic rule of CE pvp, the question is are you ready to spawn in the desert and answer to the ones that send you there? Because only this, is Pvp in Conan exiles, nothing else. If you can’t handle this situation then don’t play pvp, because disappointment is certain.

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All these changes in the past lead to a downgrade. People want fun instead of another nerf or downgrade. I suggest making weapons harder to achieve their specs. Think you might have a part for a weapon… improve it with it. Think you might have a weapon with a unique part… dismantle it and use it to improve another weapon.

Anyways… that my 2 bronze on balance


@Dzonatas , My only concern is exploits and hacks. I’ve seen so many complaints here about these 2 issues that I really believe this is the top priority, all the others are fine tunings. Loose fair is all I need and I believe this is all the pvp community needs the most.

We don’t seem to get any feedback on resolved exploits or hacks. We can’t talk about it because of the new TOS.

Number one thing to fix is the minimap. If you are a programmer with devkit, then you know the real answer on that. I know you’re saying it doesn’t exist, but something tracks… blah blah blah…

To be blunt, we’re Exiles. Bombs are the tools of the barbarian.

I have only resorted to them while at war, and while demolishing land claims. All the foxy Exiles use arrows now that archery isn’t broken.

They need a risk, though. I have discovered a cache of bomb components that in the wrong hands could have blown up the whole server. It’s silly that 500 pots, tar and DP can just sit around with no penalty. Worse yet, that fully-crafted bomb jars don’t sweat, go off in storage or decay to dud is a missed opportunity. Players like @WhatMightHaveBeen regularly made strong appeals for proper decay of trunked bomb-making items.

Separately, I was once raided in my face by a guy with easily 200 bombs that he and his partner had ground in the space of 18 hours on a Friday. I don’t have a problem with bombs.


lol bombs are not the tools of the barbarian. Maybe in this game, but it doesn’t have to be that way, and it certainly has not accuracy historically or in the lore of Conan which Howard penned.

I agree with you that bombs shouldn’t sit around for weeks without decaying. If they must be so central to pvp in this game then at least make them decay like EVERYTHING else does. I’m surpruised your character doesn’t wither and die from old age as you play, the way fortresses crumble over time. BeholD my WorKs ye MighTy and DESPAIr

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I agree. And I wonder what happened to @WhatMightHaveBeen ? I know he got a 30 day ban for arguing with OGs and being flagged so much. hasn’t returned after a few posts. A shame.

But yeah, naked bombers are about as lore breaking mechanic that exists.

pirate canons, lockpicking and improved locks same chest and containers but different levels of locks

You say this like its a Barbarian Game… its a Conan Game. Totally different rules set.

Gameplay wise…Bombs could get a timer.
Dragon Powder maybe… Inless Powder gets wet, its a non-decay item.

Its one of those /shrug moments… Devs try realism… then decide fish should die in traps, and require insects. (now how those traps even work)
Maybe powder should decay… PVE wise, I’d have to stop pre-making it. And letting it sit for my Dye/War paints.
As mostly SP player now, So sick of timers.

I can’t imagine running to my shack… waiting for powder to craft. Then rushing out to collect Star Metal before it goes poof. Which has pretty low timer in SP to stick around, I’ve been “prepared” even then still miss out on some of them.

Then Again… like most Nerfs, or changes to PVP.
Timers would likely just make them useless items, everyone would go meta arrow/orb spam instead.

Then next topic will be NERF Arrows and Orbs. XD

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Yeah I think you missed the bigger point of your own sentence there. The explosives are NOT the issue. The idea that people even consider it to be “pvp” when there is no other PLAYER involved in the first place is the far bigger issue.

So, not the obelisk camping, or the dungeon zone point camping with groups of players waiting for that one single person to load in and slaughter them before they can even react. The explosives are the cancer there? Not the under-meshing or the other exploits, but the explosives? I think you have a rather skewed perspective of what the “actual caner of this game” is, let alone PvP in general. But sure, lets blame it all on the explosives. :woman_facepalming:


Ob camping is obviously horrible and the system shouldn’t allow it. I prefer the lack of fast travel in Siptah, where to journey across the map takes a commitment.

The stuff you mentioned sucks sure, but I’m talking about explosives and how unfitting they are to the barbarian lifestyle that we know of. Find me the Conan adventure where the dude Conan is battling explosive-users or utilizing them himself in any way. Lol it’s just a mechanic for a game so people can raid, but it’s a lazy answer. Battering rams and other seige machines would fulfill this but instead we have unibombers rather than barbarians lol.

Anyway I am blessed for choosing servers where there are very few issues with undermeshers so far. And yeah most of the mad bombers have been very sloppy and for the most part provide free bombs. It’s still sad to see the ruins of bases levelled by these simple methods though, imo

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Only way Id agree to take bombs out of the game is for the following to also happen:

  1. Gods become the nukes they were in EA
  2. Trebs take less time to set up, do more damage
  3. Remove the ability to repair and build during a raid.

Good luck with the damage on todays trebs to actually get into a base if the defender is online. Oh, I broke a wall down lets go! Aaaaaand its already replaced before you get in.

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Find me a Conan adventure where he is raiding an empty base knowing that the people are just “out” at the time for “easy winz”. Find me a Conan adventure where he is just sitting around waiting for someone to come out of some dungeon to kill them as their “eyes adjust” to the light before they can react. Same exact thing you are claiming you just want to hyper focus on one aspect.

That I do not disagree with. But battering rams also required teams of people to use and well, good luck implementing that. They devs chose a method that was the most practical because coordinating 8 or so people to lift and move a battering ram to take down a wall or gate would just never happen.

You are very lucky and I am happy you have found such a home. :grin:


Conan is packed full of anachronisms, and explosives have existed for over a thousand years. I’d imagine in that setting making explosives would be much easier than making full plate armor

As for the questions, would Conan use explosives or be sneaky and attack people at obelisks or as they come out of a dungeon I’d wager he actually would. He’s been a thief and a pirate, a mercenary and a king. Every one of those “professions” tend to favor the ruthless

Yeah that’s a theme of the game, ruthlessness and will. Explosives are too easy to make though, and though barbarians might have been able to create some exlosions I doubt it’d be at the capacity we have in Exiles where 90’% of the pvp is related to blowing up someones walls/doors/gates and there’s no battering rams or seige ladders in sight.

I guess my big issue is that in barabarian war, you don’t demolish settlements but rather you aquire them, while in Exiles it’s all about bombing the buildings to the ground and stealing all the loot. So although Conan was a thief and a pirate he also made do with just his wits and his steel, not with an encumberance build and an armies worth of explosives on him. He became King not from demolishing cities.