Explosives are hurting this game's growth!

That’s the other option :slight_smile:

Also a reason why I don’t play officials. Can’t be arsed to stay idle for 6 hours each day just to delete that random person that thinks he can “offline” my base.

Or defend 2 v 10 Russians for 6 hours straight.


Thrall system is too big to be completely useless… The devs should do something about it.

Perhaps thralls within certain radius of your base (or specific item like the thrall pot or your bed) would get huge buffs when they are not on follow. This would make them more useful for specifically base defense instead of just leaving them standing all over the countryside and be a nuisance with their buffs…

What thralls in base defense should do is make the base last longer before its breached. Not to make it impossible to conquer, but to make it last longer.


I think they just made the opposite change to what they should have. Thralls set to deffend should have a tremendous buf. Thralls that tag along, a tremendous debuff. Optional on pve, mandatory on pvp. Or… when you’re offline thralls became invincible for some hours. That would mitigate offline raiding. But such buff would meet conditions, like a certain number of online hours from the clan members.
The question is… wouldn’t these calculations freeze the server? I have no idea.

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I disagree on the tremendous debuff, as Im trying to play a fully corrupted authority sorcerer for flavor reasons. Im likely to be completely useless in combat post-update and the only saving grace are my thralls. I dont want those to be useless as well.

Also thralls should ALWAYS attack introduers. Even outside of raid hours. But only when player beds are nearby to prevent the players from trolling by placing thralls on guard around the map.

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Find yourself lucky , most survival pvp games are 24/7 raid time

Hey, I was always a defender for strong thralls because they are optional. But pvp demands them to be very well balanced. If you are playing on pve, old thralls were fine. They were as strong as you made them. Pvp is a different story, but the change to thralls solved nothing and got the defense of the base even worse than it already was.

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100% agreement.

And btw, the tremendous debuff would be them being as they are now. If they were made worse, we definitely wouldn’t need armor stands, because that’s all they would be good for.

I havent played any others, but I’d imagine that breaching bases in those games isn’t as easy as in CE. Me or my thrall just carries the mats for 200 explosive jars, I craft them on site to get around the 1-stack problem, and blow up bases at my leisure.

What I want is explosives to be severely nerfed for any other purpose than meteorite opening; and players having to use trebuchets, the upcoming catapults or mangonels for breaching base walls.

That way players could see the attack coming potentially the previous night as they would see the constructions, and know to prepare (or go attack the siege engines).

Of course there are base locations where you cannot use trebuchets, but we could potentially invent some other engine such as a battering ram for these cases.

ps. Actually that would be an absolutely great nerf to explosive jars: Make them craftable only at the alchemy tables instead of player inventory.


i actuallybwas toying with a “bomb” station. It would also show on map. Also had a dragon powder barrel. Dragon powder had a decau tiner of 1 hour, but the barrel would let it last x25. Not lockable. And dp was not allowed in anybother preserve box etc to avoid stashing it indefinately. I need to uodate and rerelease once i do a private server.

It is complicated to fix this change, I myself made posts like this one in the past.
I tried also to roll to PvE-C servers in the past.
I know people who loved the game mode in the beginning of time when they tried the game, but left it now, due to not being able to be online all the time as Conan PvP servers often require.

I am on Private servers now some better than others- There are rules, sometimes one too many & sometimes one too little.

I myself want to play Conan but in a more MMO kind of state.
@Funcom has an older game called Age of Conan. It is still a great game, but abit outdated. Not so appealing for new players. But with alot of potential.
I am sure, that if you like me, post frequent in Age of Conan Forums
Latest Age of Conan topics - Funcom Forums
You can be part of a movement I know the community is really wanting updates or somthing.
I personaly think they should use whats good (which is alot things) from Conan Exiles to create Age of Conan 2 #AoC2

I will watch this post frequent (:

Luckily, this one can be fixed very, very easily. “Thrall damage vs. players” is already a slider in the server settings. So they can buff thralls as uch as they want for PvE and then set the slider of “vs. players damage” to something like 0.05. All that’s needed is finding the properly balanced multiplier.

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Agree. They could simply offer servers with different settings. I don’t know how that isn’t happening on official servers. On private, it’s very common, I reckon.
Usually I like to play vanilla to get their vision on how the game should be. On Single Player, if there’s something I don’t like, I tweak it.

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As solo player on PvP server I’m ok with losing base when I’m around to have fun defending it. What is annoying is losing it to bombs on the one night I can’t come online. At least having sieging as main way to take down big bases would give me advance warning to come online and defend.

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Official servers should meet that vanilla setup. It wasn’t meant to be a competition.

I aggre that explosives are too cheap and overpowered.

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I agree, Rust and other games have better-mitigating mechanics against raiders compared to Conan, along with less time sink. Even before the increase in farming, I wouldn’t have been upset if explosives did 1/10 less or more damage than they do now. Right now I feel full pvp is a complete waste of time.

Bro at least conan has a specific raid window lmao other survival games a whooping 247 raid on officials if you are concerned with being raided there’s a reason for pve c and pve