Extend the anniversary x2 bonus

It’s your anniversary celebrate the fact your hardwork is paying off and many people still play.

I personally would like you guys to extend the x2 rates or at least consider every weekend 1.5x the normal amount.


Or perhaps extend the bonus until the next content is revealed.
Something to keep enthusiasm going.


Always a way to keep the player base up and running for sure!

I wouldn’t be against having extended rates for a few days more, I haven’t been able to take full advantage of it as much as I would have liked.

That being said its helped me regardless, so thanks anyways. :grin:


Yeah I actually didn’t even know about it until the last two days.

I would like this as well. May is a huge month for my life so I haven’t capitalized on the bonus as much as I would have liked.


just keep officials 2x.


That would have unintended consequences.

no it wouldn’t.

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You don’t know the trolls I have seen that build massive great walls of China or road blocks down pathways for faster travels. Etc this would make it easier for them to do this with ease rather than a longer time preventing larger amounts of children or man babies from being stupid trolls.


Play private servers.

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It is funcom so I wouldn’t be to surprised if it stuck around for a while

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