Extend the level 79 cap period


Please extend this period for at least one more week. Like the post if you agree, or comment. It is so much more fun pre-80.



Let us get to level 80 as fast as possible…and do some proper PvP!


YES! 80s pvp will come and last for a long time, why not enjoy some 79 abit more?


feels like the server is gonna take a fall after people have finished their 80 quest its gonna be a bit more pale, especially without SIEGES (who wants to farm for a t3 keep…?)

really fun with some 79 action without AAs atm! 100% agree


Even though class balance is far from perfect, I would like to see this bracket last much longer too. Because like Lurvi said it is almost a mini-vanilla AoC, no AA, no RF rings, no raid gear etc. It’s a very different experience from the lvl 80 pvp we’ve had all these years and I appreciate that very much.


feels like only PvP Event farmer, pvplvl shopper and peeps for rewards want to go to 80 as fast as possible.

The ones who want “even” PvP want to stay on 79.

I don’t care at all, cause i’m just here for the reward and farming some EoS. But as the toon is transfered to Fury, i don’t mind playing him further than for the reward.


Thanksgiving week is coming up and I’ll be in china meeting with my sponsors (JK!!) For 10 days. I don’t plan to play until 26th. I imagine alot of players are in similar positions. I would love not to miss the level 80 activities.


Not many of us will be in China lol


No thanks. I want the 80 to come on Thursday so that I can finally finish the quest to get the vanity items, then my goal is to get to PvP 10 and drop off the server. I didn’t play to pvp really so much as the vanity items, the pvp gear, and account-wide achievements. I don’t like pvp at all so it will be a relief when I no longer have to do it.


Hell yes !

I was really hyped at the idea of a vanilla PVP mode that was announced years ago along with the crafting revamp. A longer 79 cap is probably the closest thing we can get now.


You can do this any time. People are having fun and activity high…Why rush to close?


Hi go vote

  • Extend Level Cap 79 through the weekend
  • Level Cap 80 this Thursday

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