Extended holiday decay timer 2020?


So seeing that we already have July 1., what about extended holiday decay times for July & August?

@Ignasis @Spynosaur_Nicole

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Looks like they were thinking the same thing, Jot29!

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I just wanted to update my first post, that it looks like I am blind, as there was already a thread…

But I probably stopped reading after avatars in the news-section… Because I was there and didnt see the “summer decay settings…” :smiley:

This is one thing which generally keeps me off of a server. Even with active admins, there will be “dead bases” for months which take up decent real estate.

I personally have a lot of fun playing “base archeologist” with decayed bases. Explore, see what they’ve collected, see how they constructed things, gather materials.

Just a personal thing. Most pservers just turn it up to a reasonable rate (2x or 3x default decay) just to make sure stuff can’t sit there forever.

Yeah, no decay is kinda strange… Same with “no stamina” :smiley: Over the top are the x100 servers :smiley:

We do clan cleanup every 2 weeks. If a person hasn’t put in an extended leave they get a destroyed base.

If you have been on private servers where stuff is sitting there for months and that clan hasn’t been playing than you have played on bad private servers.

We actually admin our server because we care.

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