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Can an admin contact me?.. this not good, spent money on dlc to can play for fun and a couple of hackers/cheaters around servers doing whatever they want… Plz funcom staff, ill be waiting.


This is likely not the answer you want, but it’s the only one you’re likely to get. That is, if you have proof positive of cheating/hacking etc, you can (and should) report it (instructions here: Found an Exploit? Here's how to report it!).

Alternately, if what you’re experiencing falls under harassment/griefing rather than technically cheating, this is what you need: Harassment and Griefing Issues


Welcome to the forum. I have 2 suggestions you must do.
1 listen to Mikey
2 Farm him from sinners refuge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Funcom have the worst service ever

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At this moment i have to swich my internet ip because server 3584 is under ddos atk. Funcom sucks

Server 3584 have 1hr down. Great funcom taking my money for dlc but they cant answer it

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