Extreme Frostbite in Sepermeru?

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***I have a base just outside Sepermeru it’s where the Set Priest used to be with a lot of Thralls, built on top of a cliff, at the back of this base I built a tower which allowed me to get the achievement of the highest point in the game. Which when I built it used to get a bit cold at the top. But now since the last patch if you go more than 2 floors up your into extreme frostbite and seeing as you need to climb about 30 floors up and this is with Full Epic Vanir Heavy you just don’t get to the top before you die.
I am on server 1008 PvE name Techotl.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

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Hmmm, the highest tower, if i understand right ? :sweat_smile:

What tier and material did you chose for your achievment-tower ?
And what armour do you wear ?

I mean, i have different bases around Seper on servers, singleplayer to, and never get frostbite there.

Then, just a hint, the achievment can be done in world, you need just to spot the right place. This without building, without cheat. :wink:
Whispering … look east so very east.

it’s built in sandstone and as I said was wearing Epic Vanir Heavy which I use for the Snowy areas when gathering Starmetal so to encounter Extreme frostbite is a bit mad.
In total it works out at about 56 tier when I built it you encountered frostbite at the top not 4 tier up .
BTW I don’t consider this a cheat!
The trouble with the dev’s at Funcom they do like to mess with the settings when they should be working on stuff that is still broke. Like Thralls sinking through the floor and Thralls that you have killed disappearing before you can loot them. Maybe they should change the name to ■■■■■■ seeing as they would rather make certain thing tedious rather than FUN.

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