Extreme Server Instability


Game mode: (Online official)
Type of issue: Crash
Server type: PvP
Region: LATAM

Is there a way to ask Funcom to check the EXTREMELY instable servers 1978 and 1979? It’s normal for official servers to go down, but those 2 are going above and beyond that line. Server 1978 for instance went down 3 times during the last hour before I decided to post this here, and this has been the norm there for a while. There are days when the crashes start one of them will only normalize next day after reset.

It would be most greatly appeciated if someone could look at what’s causing this. Thank you very much in advance for your attention and the possible solving of this issue.

@Community they help but off on weekends and for current holidays so it may take time

Thank you, I hope they see this topic… nothing improved since I posted here, the servers keep disconnecting randomly many times per day, then when they come back it’s with the usual 9999 ping… they eventually work again after an hour or two, but the whole cycle doesn’t take long to repeat itself…

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@Hugo @Ignatius any input would help @Zai

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This is an issue present on virtually all PvP servers. There is an exploit that allows people to get 50 points in every attribute by abusing server crashes and there is an exploit to crash the server using some items in the game.

It’s likely you just have some cheaters on your server. This has been a problem on my last 5 servers, sadly.

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Hello @Zai, thanks for your report.

Are you still experiencing issues with those servers? We tried some things on our end to improve the situation.


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