Extreme slideshow like Lag in Solo Instance


I recently stared getting back into SWL and have gotten to a spot that I cannot progress past. I’m playing an assassin and am on the story quest “Dawning of an endless night.” On tier 9 where you’re supposed to defeat the guardian, I started experiencing horrible slideshow like lag. I only experience this lag when I’m in the solo instance, as I am lag free in the main multiplayer worlds. The lag is so bad that I cannot do the required amount of damage to the guardian to activate the cut scene before the guardian kills me. I’ve tried ever fix i know. One of the people I’m playing with (They’re on the same internet as me, we play in the same room) went through the whole solo instance and cut scene with no lag problems. What should I do so that I can get back to playing the game?

I don’t know how to fix this but I’ve got a vague inkling that I’ve seen it reported before, maybe @Tamtor can shed some light on it? :v: