Extremely low sk rewards?

I used heckler juice to get to 200 yesterday, and both yesterday and again today I seem to be getting extremely little SK as a reward for dailies. I’m talking about 3k SK in full xp% gear. As in, it will take about 40 daily missions to ding.

Anyone experience something similar before?

past lvl 199, rewards depend on faction (/toggle faction to see it).
unredeemed for omnis, redeemed for clans and guardian for neutrals.

see AOU Faction System for more information.

aah, thanks… servers are down now, but I will check later; I did skip a lot of SL quests because they were giving me trouble, so it’s possible my sided faction is quite low

Just do a inferno new sided mish and u should be good with faction for the beginning.
As an Alternative u can buy faction pots at the GMI.