Faded Dye colors

Does anybody else think that the Faded Dye colors render horribly?

This is especially true with Faded Blue, for me.

Every time I craft a Faded Dye series, I curse and swear because I am so mad that I wasted the meager materials on these horrendous colors. They look like the saturation and brightness are on overdrive, rendering Faded Blue like a fluorescent light, while Faded Red looked like a version of pink. These are definitely never what I consider Faded anything.

I’m not going to bother making other colors just to describe how I dislike them. You can do that if you wish.

I finally created a Post It note for my monitor that goes something like “F-something Faded Dyes!!” so I hopefully will always select the Muted version which is what I really wanted anyhow.

I suggested a while back a color neutralizer, or bleach. that you apply before the faded colors to retain their color. A lot of the lighter pastel colors do not dye true.

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