Fail is Fail .. Funcom needs to aknowledge their risponsability

Today the game klled me out of the blue more times than i can count.

I think its only fair to say that funcom should do a 24hr rollback for all of the calamities their buggy release caused


They won’t. Never have, never will. It’d also be pretty unfair to everyone else who lost 24hrs of work for your sake.

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Not just for his sake. A roll back would be the right thing to do when the game clearly needs work. There’s no reason hundreds of people some of which have bought in game content should have to sit back while a select few can enjoy the game.

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Well I can’t speak for the ratios on PS4, but be that as it may, Funcom never has offered rollbacks (to my knowledge), so they likely never will.

I agree it probably won’t happen but in my opinion it should. I mean it’s hard to argue that this wasn’t a epic fail on there end. It’s not just PlayStation either as I’m sure you are aware.

Invisible stuff…meh. I don’t think a rollback is needed yet. It’s one freaking day and I would rather they spend the time fixing the issue that upsetting server protocols. What I do suggests is all timers are paused (decay, store, etc) and turn off pvp for the time being until this is fixed…at least for the console servers.

Haven’t seen any major issues myself (yet), I did have an invisible stair for a while, but it was ‘still there’ (could be walked on) and it hasn’t gone invisible again.

Lucky you

I seem to remember one occasion when they did: there was an exploit that allowed players to assume admin role and do other, freakier, stuff and they rolled back a few servers that were the most affected by this.

But I’ve never seen them offer rollbacks for a major update that brought major breakage. :man_shrugging:


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