Fail to attempt, smth?

Welllll hello i can’t play anymore this game! I tryed to search for corrupted file with steam, nothing. Uninstall / install again, still bug, try same with battleye, bug bug bug. i tryed to delete absolutely everything about conan / battleye on my computer, then install properly again, nooothing. This not come from my internet. it happend many days after the mount update. I play for more than a year, and this never happened before. Pls tell me to do something that i didnt try!
Ty (:

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Launch the game
  2. Join any server (official, unofficial, modded)
  3. Play the game for X time
  4. Getting disconnect from server w/o any message
  5. Can’t join any server till i don’t restart the game
  6. Searching about anything lookingl like on this site
  7. Find something closed w/o solution.
  8. Making new topic!
  • Update windows and drivers (graphic and sound cards).
  • Update the router/modem firmware if possible.
  • Disable firewall.
  • Try again.
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Windows and drivers are both updated, modem is recent, firewall is not activated for conan / battleye.

Good, now try in to play in solo (not online) and see if you have the same problem.

What is your ping and fps on the servers? ToggleDebugHUD in the console.

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That’s the ping of the server, not mine but w/e, 60ping (cant be lower) 60fps (depends on server, but i block it myself to 60) and nothing happen in solo

You have a problem with your network or internet connexion. Use wired, not wifi or cpl.
May be try to play with your computer at a friend house, on another network to see if the problem happen.

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Why is the problem come from my internet ? i have a stream open always, and when conan crash, stream still work w/o any problem 1080p, and that don’t explain, why i can’t connect back to server. It happn in the past that conan crash or freeze cause of my internet, but i can join back when it’s up again.

What’s the solution so ? I don’t looks to have this kind of issue with other games

nvm, it just happened to me on other gamen think u were right, i live in france and play on euw mostly

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or maybe the problem come from battleye, it just happend on a game with it, but not on other

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