Failed to Join Requested Game Error

Region: US

Trying to join a co-op game my wife has created on another PS4, and all I ever get from invites are “Failed to Join Requested Game”. Why does this happen? We’re on the same network, and it won’t connect when we have no problems with other games.

EDIT: We connected once under unknown conditions, but after that we haven’t been successful. Tried restarting both PS4s, restarting games and sessions, restarting the router as well - none of these have been working at all. Seems other people have had this error on all platforms and no resolution has been posted.

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Same problem here! Sometimes it seems to work, randomly.

Also been having this problem!

So do we bump these threads until they’re addressed? Or do we simply make new ones? Just this seems like a significant problem that warrants attention, as a core aspect of the game is working together for survival.

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