Failure with Charad NPC in Tongue of the Raven quest

I was doing the Tongue of the Raven quest, description below to refresh your memories:
" On the body of the Nemedian Mercenary Leader, I found a letter with detailed plans about the best way to infiltrate the defenses of the Noble District. The letter was signed mysteriously by “The Raven” and it suggests that if there are problems, the Nemedians should contact Charad at the Green Man, in Old Tarantia.
I also found a single black feather on the body, which seemed significant somehow. I should probably hold on to it. I should go and find myself and discover more about the mysterious person called “The Raven”.

The problem is I talked to Charad but he drank a potion and died and disappeared and my quest disappeared too from my log. Now Charad is back but he’s not offering the option to talk about the quest and my quest is still gone.
Have I done something wrong, is it bugged, should have I prevented him from drinking his potion, can I retake or reset this quest somehow?

Thanks for your lights!

That’s how it’s supposed to go. Rather disappointing indeed… :roll_eyes:

But, you can get your revenge on the Raven in the Jade Citadel. :skull_and_crossbones:

Oh… ok! Devs could at least update quest log or anything to explain he killed himself. Quest deleting automatically, and the NPC reappearing were puzzling, and looked like a bug.

Thanks for your reply!

It’s not deleting, it just completed. If you check the log, you should find that it gave you xp.

Thanks, I never noticed the Completed tab. OK, it says I’ll learn more later so my quest chain isn’t broken :slight_smile: