Falhas no servido america latina pve

I want to inform you that today 06/06 at 19:04, Brazilia-Brazil time, I had a problem during my game. I advise that my lackey, Erill the Devastator, suddenly disappeared from the game and out of nowhere! Upon leaving King Tumulo’s tomb, my level 19 footman, equipped with high-level clothing, disappeared in front of me and out of nowhere. He was running after me, but when he stopped, he kept running and disappeared into a rock and never came back! It’s even gone from my list of lackeys! I express here my indignation with the game for countless reasons, but especially for the errors and bugs of the game that hinder and the dynamics. I already lost several items, lackeys and other things, due to problems with jodo failures and sudden disconnections!
The server that happened was America Latina Official server # 2975 Revision # 222733/25149

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