Falling damage not working

No fall damage is occuring, no matter how high the fall is. Have tried in light, medium and heavy armour with both 0 and 20 Agility.

When mounted on a horse, the horse is also taking zero health and endurance damage.


Is god mode on? Are you getting the same results without using IQOL?

Despite what a certain YouTuber claims, it is not recommended to use mods while on Testlive. Especially something like IQOL that modifies over a dozen vanilla files.

Godmode is not on. Thats why the palisade is there to show I take damage. I have removed all mods, was not in admin mode and did the same tests. Still not taking fall damage.

Thanks for the clarification.

I just hopped into Testlive for a quick test and was able to reproduce your reported issue in Single Player. Thanks for helping out on Testlive!


I can confirm there is no fall damage done to players. Regardless of if armor is worn or not.


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