Falling damage on login redux

Game mode: Online private | Single-player)]
Type of issue: Bug | Misc]
Server type: PvP | PvE-Conflict | PvE]
Region: not related

According to the server log in my own private server LAN or the logs from solo games, there is a fall which is not actually correct according to logout position when it happens, and as I log in, the fall damage has killed the character before it even shows up.

After it happened three times with modded game, and I could find any reasonable cause among the mods, I tried a mod free game and got into several logout positions that either suggested or not a reason for that to happen, and afait, there is no map or mod related issue that causes it. Happened logged out on map land or built pieces, and most circumstances were pretty much irrelevant to predict if it would happen or not. Nor the log on the server tells anything different other than log in and fall is detect, and you die.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Log in
  2. Wait
  3. wait
  4. dead
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Don’t logout staying on the bed! The bed’s are murderers in this game. old bug.

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Not related to a bed. Not in my case anyways.

If you log out on a placable, there is a mid% chance you will die on log-in.

Since I stopped logging out on placeables, I have experience zero log in deaths.

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Again, it happens when there are no placeables even built.

Twice it happened when I started a game.

If I log out in a completely empty room this does not happen to me. If I log out in a room that has any placeable in it I die. There are a lot of people with this problem. It also happens to me during teleportation sometimes. I have made a few posts about this as it has been going on for the entire 1800+ hours I have played CE.

teleport is a famous one. Even the wiki suggests you God up before teleporting. No solution for in game teleports that does that.

The solution would be simple, add a verification for non gameplay change of position, such as delay in getting starting position or teleport, and once you reach the ground after that, the bool var (lol) gets to “Is Gameplay ready” and get fall damage back into play.

If I mod that, this stops happening, but I have a thing about changing gamefiles in mods, so I would kindly ask that devs look into it. There are 2 places in which that check must be done, one is the combat BP, the other is the navigation BP.

For a mod to do that, while not a solution for people who dont use them, it also gets the mod that nasty problem of getting crashes as soon as core game is updated.

Other remarks:

This happens in placeables because you position and gameplay mechanics starts sometimes before the placeables are read, and it results sometimes in fall damage only, sometimes in death, but the main reason is not the placeable itself, but the offset of coordinates.

This happens on teleport for more or less the same reason, as you are cosidered above ground when first spawned, and then the ground is adjusted, if the delay happens, the result is similar. That is why solo game and console game this happens slightly less often.

Mods might change the speed in which placeables and map itself is loaded, and as it is asynch to the load of your char, hence the many instances you log in “tucked” in placeables, the falling bug also happens a lot.

The solution might make login and teleport times some seconds slower, but ensure this never happen again.

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Fully agree. Single player did that to me quite often, but we found an easy fix since one is in admin mode already.

Bind F1 (or any other key of your preference) to Fly or Ghost and hit it when you teleport. It stops your fall and you have time to let the local world load, then rise to a fully loaded-in cell.

Trees near the Pagoda used to be my downfall :frowning:

As far as placeables, they were changed to load in near to last to optimize performance. While effective, there were a few undesirable side effects, sorry to say, but a mod such as you describe may be a temporary solution.

The issue with login/teleport delays is just a different kind of death, especially to the PvP’rs. PvE’rs may find the same, but to indigenous wildlife.

Still, good ideas /bow



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According to server logs, mine were all falling damage originated from being in the same coordinates I logged out, but falling from not having ground where it was when I logged out, as the fall would put me undergound, but when it finally logs and I am back to game, the coordinates are the same as the ones I logged out.

Had a mod done to log coordinates and list them in a file to access that exact thing.

Apologies, the statement was not very descriptive. In PvP, there are spawn campers; people who await those spawning in, usually around the obelisks or inside dungeons. Lengthening the load-in time would exacerbate that problem.

As far as PvE, teleporting within range of Rotbranch and a pause is instant death.

Does that clarify my comment?




The pvp thing I classify as fair game, as it would happen in a IRL barbaric scenario if you just fell asleep in enemy territory and expected to wake up alive.

That is not much of a bug, and I personally think it adds spice to the game.

There are many other things people classify as exploits or cheating just because it calls on the smarts of players. Those I dont really bother even if they could be prevented.

I just really mind of things that kill you no matter how careful you are about what you do.

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