Falling from heights

When falling from high heights, we usually grab onto something on the way down. But what if it was realistic? And I know it’s a video game. Falling from high heights and catching yourself on the way down could cause some damage as your hands start to burn up, dropping again and catching yourself. again. If you’re wearing gloves, this damage is lessened. What do you think?

I think I would die often if we took damage by catching up during a fall :no_mouth:

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I’d swear at my tv if i could speak…everytime your character slips a ledge and you slide down 60meters… you wanna add damage!!!

No thanks. XD (I mean this in nice way) =p

1.50 has abunch of ledges you can’t even get on top of now…so your constantly mashing button to try and stay on, and not slide down half a mile…


Yep, no thanks. I have several bases with considerable height differences, and jumping down and catching my fall is a real time-saver in places. The elevators are sooo slow.

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