Falling through floors

On testative EU 2 when the servers crashed, again!, while I was in base. Managed to log back in only for the server to immediately crash again (Seriously fix the number of crashes on these servers). When I logged back in I found myself underneath 2 layers of Foundations with no way to get out other than destroying my building or killing myself.

And in my server some people are using this as an exploit to raid bases. They know how to do it so they dont get trapped.

This happened to me again after logging out to go get something to eat I logged back in to find myself trapped under two layers of Foundation under my base. I logged out on top of the Derketo Alter on the second floor of my base as well!

Same,I have a tower and fall through over 5 floors to my death apon relogging, it is now a bug on Live

this happens to me and my dad every time we log in