Falling through the floors of my base?

This has happened before but this time I’m stuck. I was building a new base and to even out the terrain I’m in a part three foundations deep. I can’t break the foundations or climb out. Any ideas?

Last chance thing to try would be remove bracelet and summon corpse.

Or even see if you can remove foundations once you’re back and see if u can get to your body loot that way.

Well that was also a problem. I was rebuilding my purge base. So I had rebuilt my teleporter, but I couldn’t activate it because I was encumbered and it wouldn’t let me do the animation to activate it. I fell into the foundations walking across to a chest to unload. I didn’t want my body stranded in my purge base with no way to summon it or quickly teleport to the base. Luckily I had a bedroll placed at the purge base. I took it off and then deleted foundations until I found my body. I also noticed all my thralls fell into the foundations when I did. This pissed me off so much I deleted all the base floor, dug out my thralls, and converted the base into a pillar supported floor just incase. This morning I fell through the ramp and side wall foundations again. This is unplayable.

I had this too once, verify file integrity in your Steam install might solve the issue.
Its worth a try.

I’m on Xbox…

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You can try a reinstall

Add the Xbox tag to your thread, I wasn’t aware you were on Xbox.

This is happening to me too pretty consistently. I took a clip, but I’m not sure how well it’ll convert to youtube.

I might, but that will take a long time. Right now I’m replacing pillars for all the foundations. IDK if that will weaken the building foundations HP for the Purge, but I’ve made pillar bases in single player in creative mode. A pillar is 100,000 HP with a Wall in front of it at 70,000 HP, so I guess its stronger than a single foundation at 100,000 HP.

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