Falls through the world and inventory bug = unplayable

The “falls through the world” bug is well known, but since I’m not sure if this spot is also known, I’ll mention it in the following video anyway. However, the inventory bug (which is probably also known) makes the game unplayable. In our 8-man tribe, 6 people have this bug and 2 don’t. everyone plays on PC/Steam.

conan exiles inventory and die from falling from world bug (youtube.com)


btw this is direct link for video

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If you have the following errors:

  1. You cannot put on any armor or put items from your inventory in boxes or workbenches (the item “flashes” and comes back);
  2. You cannot dress or equip your character.

It is necessary to disable all sorting options in the inventory: select the “no sorting” option.
In your inventory, in the workbench, in the chest - everywhere. A mismatch of sorting leads to an incorrect definition of the subject.

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PS4 server 8050 and 3060, you cant play with the new inventories, its a really bad work from Funcom, should be deleted inmediately instead try to defend a bad work not enough tested.
OK, you change to “dont sorting” then you re-ordenate your items and the next day when you connect (if you can), the items are in wrong order again. Not acceptable in an excelent game where you ask for money.

I’m not asking anyone for money. I am the same player as the others, that is, the victim. I just found a temporary solution and I’m taking the time to give it to others.

Well you’re right, at least for about 95% of the inventory it worked. This is certainly a temporary solution, thank you

Sorry me, in my protest above “you” means the company Funcom, you and me and who read paid the game, DLCs, the temporary pass, etc and receive technical problems and updates like this.
Inventories are still working bad, each time I connect i must organizate my items again. And server 8050 is still out of service for 3 days I think, we read posts explaining similar problems but It seems nobody repair, nobody solve.


Custom means the game not sorting it for you. I haven’t checked that remembers your sorting.
As far as I can tell the black holes are fixed. testlve.

Back on topic…
This bug (I mean “feature”) seems to be causing many problems/ errors; it doesn’t “just work” it seems, and actually instead seems to eat up all of the runtime resources; leading to the inventory bug, the container bug, the collecting water bug, the falling through foundations bug, and finally the server crashing bug."
Good job Funcom, now are you going to address your F*up and tell us that you’re actually working on trying to fix it (or have you abandoned us for Dune?).

You mean the hotfix we are testing on testlive that maybe out today? {don’t expect it}
I’d prefer if they put it off till early next week.

well after today update still sam eProblems here :smiley: so no its not fixed just lol
imean inventory bug and even the Falling through world, booth bugs are still live but after today update i have now 1 more “new” bug thats Funcom how we now them lol

Chapter 4 the age of hot fixes.

Doing my 3rd relog on live for foot nailed to floor. In an elevator.

yeah all problems still live and 1 new bug :slight_smile:

yes, in version 2.03 follows the good for nothing inventories new method but this time I neednt reinput all my items each time I connect unfortunatelly only works the first inventory and now its impossibe craft or cook or change my armour or weapons (server 3060).
In 8050 I was able to connect five seconds yesterday.

Since the new update, I always get errors when I switch from one server to another, so I have to connect at least twice every time I switch :slight_smile:

Good warning! we lost all our inventory in sinkhole, similar bug.


You cannot access any external inventories while the bug is ‘active’ i.e falling through foundations. So this is irrelevant. Not benches, not thralls not anything, it simply does not work and you have to wait for the server to re-sync

The sorting issue is a separate bug and not related to the falling through foundations bug

on the bottom are my 2 vids. but ppl still defent this disaster, because “we moving in to the future and evolving”

same here…

Yeah… this is great “progress,” not only did they *not fix the falling through construction but they broke toggle sprint! (Unplayable). :sweat_smile: